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Restore Library on new Windows user
Dear all,

I encountered the following problem with MobileSheets:

The Windows 10 user account on which I have used MobileSheets for 2 years now was part of a Windows domain. I had to leave that domain now, i.e. I had to start using my tablet pc on a different, local user. Before leaving the domain, I did a full backup of the user folder of the domain user (including the Mobile Sheets library folder, which I previously moved to /Users/Documents).

After leaving the domain on my tablet pc and logging in on the local user, I found that the MobileSheets installation was gone. I reinstalled MobileSheets from the App Store and restored the library folder in Users/Documents. Nonetheless, the entire library remained gone.

I know I have to blame myself because a) I did not check for the existing backup feature beforehand and b) kind of thought that everything would be fine with having a copy of the user folder.

So, I gave up the hope of restoring the library and instead wanted to newly import the pdf files into MobileSheets. After all, I still have the backup-ed MobileSheets Library folder with all the pdfs. However, Mobile Sheets does not let me import any of the files, no matter which settings I use in the import dialogue ("Fehler beim Importieren der Datei...").

Is there any way to re import these pdfs or maybe even restore my original library?

Thank you

The main reason backing up just your library folder wasn't enough is that the database file can't be stored in the library folder in the Windows 10 version. The SQLite library I'm using won't allow that. So you also would have needed to back up the C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\LocalState folder. Without the database file from that directory (mobilesheets.db) there is no way to recover your library.

So let's try to figure out why your import is failing. First, what is your new username? Second, what types of files are you trying to import and what folder are you importing them from? Are you importing them into an empty library folder, or did you specify the same location as your library folder and you are batch importing the files from there?

Dear Mike,

thank you for pointing me to the MobileSheets directory. Since I did a backup of the entire User folder, I also had a copy of it. I copied the entire content of 41730Zubersoft... into my current User directory and - my database is now back. Thank you so much!

The only problem that remained was that of course my User name changed (from <name.DOMAIN> to <name>) and thus although the database was back, MobileSheets could not find any files. I manually changed the directory in default.xml, however, that was only enough to get MobileSheets to start up, however, I was still unable to open the actual sheets because MobileSheets was still looking for them at the former location. I used http://sqlitebrowser.org and a UPDATE...SET...REPLACE query to change <name.DOMAIN> to <name> in every entry in mobilesheets.db. Now everything is working smoothly!

Thank you so much for your help!
Excellent work! I haven't added a utility for fixing file paths in the Windows 10 version, so the only way to do that is through a SQL query. I'm glad you were comfortable figuring that out and performing the replacement.


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