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Beta version available for library synchronization
The library synchronization feature is finally ready for testing. I've sent out messages to users who have expressed interest in helping test (both through email and forum messaging). If there is anyone I have missed that would like to help test, send me a message on the forums or an email to mike@zubersoft.com, and I'll give you the access information to obtain the beta version. This first round of testing is for device to device synchronization over WiFi or Bluetooth. I have not finished implementation synchronization to a folder or synchronization to a backup file. Those will be implemented over the next week or two, but they should take considerably less time as the core library merging code is in place now.

Is this a tool that can be used to filter what music gets synched between tablets?
For example, I have my personal tablet with all of my music library, but I have to periodically sync a portion of it to my church's tablets while deleting any of my non-church music.

I've been making an .msb file from my master library, restoring it to another tablet, and deleting anything not needed, then creating a new .msb from that tablet to sync to the others.

Is there a more efficient method or tool?
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Unfortunately, there isn't a way to filter songs where you can do something like say, "Only synchronize songs that are a part of this collection or setlist", or "only filter songs that are newer than this date". The tool is designed to keep libraries completely in sync (meaning all songs are considered), but it lets you choose to ignore synchronizing types of data such as annotations.  A future enhancement couldn't certainly add complex filters like that, but it won't be part of the initial release.

Having said that, one thing you can do is change the merge behavior which may give you enough control to do what you want. You could use the "prompt" behavior so that you can choose what actions to take for every song in the library that is different. If there aren't that many differences, then it wouldn't be too tedious. If you have a lot of songs with a lot of differences, then you'd have to spend a fair amount of time tapping the "skip" button to get to the songs you do care about. If you are only merging new songs, there is a behavior for that, so it would be quick and easy. 

I'm always open to feedback for suggestions on improvements if they will be useful to a lot of people.


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