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How to change default fonts (Chrodpro)
Hi all,

I don't like default fonts in chordpro format.
Anyone know if it's possbile to have my own font ?

Thanks Wink
Not currently, no. I would have to add code to allow users to include their own fonts. The problem then becomes what to do about library backups, sharing songs, etc, because that font is external to MobileSheetsPro and not a part of the library. I don't really want to have to add code to try to package fonts in backups or when sharing, as that just creates a huge number of headaches, but I think that's probably necessary for the feature to work well. This means having to add several new database tables to hold information about custom fonts and an update to the chord pro data so that there is an extra field specifying whether a custom font is being used, and if so, what the path to the font is. So it will be a fair amount of work.

... and the layout of the songs will change, so annotations no longer match
... and the font must be complete as to support the full Unicode set

IMHO there are many far more important features to add to MSPro.
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