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MP3 file playing short
Hi there,

MobileSheets 2.1.9 from Google Play

I have a backing track which MobileSheets reports as being 3:26 long.
Audacity for Windows reports it as being 3:34 long and plays the full length.
Google Play Music on the tablet plays the full length of the track.
If, in the Media Player within MobileSheets I select to view all tracks in the setlist, the title of the track is dark green and it plays the full length of this track, even though it is the only backing track shown.
If (and finally I get to the problem) I only choose to show only tracks from the current song, the track plays 3:26 and ends prematurely.

What am I missing?

Hi Edmund,

Can you email the mp3 to mike@zubersoft.com? I'll try to reproduce what you are seeing.

I began to wonder if there was something odd about the way the file got ripped in the first place so I ripped it again and the newly ripped file works perfectly.

I should have tried that first !  Sorry to have bothered you.

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