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[SOLVED] Extract sheets from backup file

can anyone advise me, how to extract sheets from a backup file into single pdf or jpg files?
The normal backup goes qiet quickly from MSP, and the transfer is easy to goggle drive. But i need a way, to restore single sheets, even if i am on tour with the band, and my tablet is damaged, or was stolen. Maybe then i have other devices, but no tablet with Android in wich i could the full backup restore.

Thank You for any tips
I keep all my pdf's and mp3 files on Dropbox so if I ever need them anywhere for any reason they are quick to access, edit, re-upload or whatever.
Just an idea?
I'm afraid not. 

In our rehearsals we often make important annotations directly in the tablet. That information would be lost. So every time I make a normal backup I would have to make an additional pdf-export in single files, and then save it in the cloud. This is taking quite a long time.
You could possibly keep all the files as single pdfs in dropbox (or similar).

After a gig (or gigs), you could sort the collection (or whatever) by modified date and just replace the files that  have last changed since you previously did this,

Not ideal because it involves extra operations and I think what you are looking for is to just do a regular backup and, in the event of an emergency, you could get the songs from the backup.

Actually, I've a gut feeling that you can extract the files from a backup with the companion.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I think it's easier to buy a simple backup tablet, and sync the library from the master tablet to the backup tablet.
A reasonable tablet is rather cheap these days.
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Samsung A3 (A320FL), Android 8.0.0 (emergency).
Do you have a Windows 10 device with you, such as a laptop, while you are on travel? If so, you could install the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets on it and then just use that restore backups and export songs if needed.
That would probably be a good way. But I thought again and played around with my Android smartphone. I managed to install MSP on it, and then I was able to restore the backup file into it.

I think that's the best way for me now. 

Thank you for your tips.

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