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Metronome Autostart
I've decided that I want to always start the metronome when I display the page (just spent about 4 hours entering the tempos for each song)

While I can set auto start on a individual song, the "Apply to all songs in the setlist" button doesn't enable it on the other songs (like the manual says it should)
Quote:p87 - settings

Apply to all songs in setlist – Applies the auto-start, count-in, # of beats to count, and auto-turn pages settings to all songs in the current setlist. 

I see this auto starting was originally discussed around 2012 so I'm sure it should be there by now

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? (I don't want to manually go through each song changing the settings).

Note: Still on version 2.1.9
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I just set the auto-start to "On" for the first song in my setlist, then applied that to all songs in the setlist, then turned through each song and verified they all set the auto-start to on as well. It appears to be working for me (although this is with version 2.3.2, but I don't think that should make a difference). Are you loading the entire setlist when performing that test, or is your library set up to only load the individual song (and you are using the automatically load next song setting)? If you tap on the setlist window, do you see all of the songs loaded at once? If not, that's the problem, as the "apply to setlist" option is only going to affect the songs in the currently loaded setlist.

Hi Mike

My current library settings are:-
  Yes  Automatically Load Next Song
  No  Always Load Whole Setlist.

Setting "Always Load Whole Setlist" does make it work (but I don't really see why I should have to do that as MSP operates fine with the settings I had - apart from this problem).

Perhaps MSP needs to make it more obvious what setlist it is referring to. I'm guessing now that it is referring to songs that are "loaded into memory" rather than a setlist as the user knows it (an ordered list of songs, don't care where as long as it works)

Strictly speaking, you could just disable the option if the setlist equates to a single song (the settings don't apply to anything subsequently added to the setlist so the attributes are on the individual songs rather than the setlist). However, this might be just as confusing for the user because it would not be obvious how to enable the button.
Perhaps MSP should just iterate through the songs as a user would expect (irrespective of "Load Whole Setlist") ?

"I don't really understand what you mean when you say "If you tap on the setlist window, do you see all of the songs loaded at once? " - I can't see any difference if "Load Whole" is set or not.

A work around for me appears to be (not tried it yet)
  1. Turn on Load Whole Setlist
  2. Create a new setlist and add all songs into it.
  3. Modify the metronome settings and "Apply to all songs in the setlist"
  4. Turn off Load Whole Setlist

PS: Great program
Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I can understand from your perspective that regardless of what is visible, you think of actions applying to the setlist you loaded the song from. From a design perspective, the parts of the code that load songs and setlists and display these to the user are isolated and separate from the library screen. The reason for this is so that code can be used in places in the application that have nothing to do with the library screen (such as the annotations editor, the cropping editor and song editor). In order to do the "Automatically Load Next Song" processing, I actually have to jump through some hoops to make the code in the display engine aware of the library screen.  I'm going to have to find an efficient way to make this available to all of the separate dialogs that have an option to "apply to all songs in setlist". This will also handle the scenario where you pause a setlist to load a different song, and then apply settings to every song in the setlist, as it should NOT apply those to the setlist that was previously being viewed as the new song is not part of that setlist. The one part of the code that I can't easily change is the cropping editor - there is an option there to apply the cropping to all songs in the setlist, but I don't think it's correct to modify cropping for songs that aren't loaded and the user can't see. I feel like that's different than the other settings. So I think I will hide that setting if a single song is loaded.

As far as the setlist window, if you tap the icon with four lines at the bottom of the overlay, it displays every song that is loaded at once for the current setlist. You should see the full list of songs when you have "Always load whole setlist" enabled, and you should see just one song otherwise. By the way, as a side note, you could always tap the "Load All" option at the top of the setlist even if you have "Always Load Whole Setlist" off when you want to apply setlists to all songs.

The changes are all implemented for the next update, and I'm testing them now. 

That was quick!

I don't know if it is feasible, but if you can detect that the "in memory" setlist is a single song then you could perhaps prompt the user that he/she might want to temporarily "Load All".

Probably not ideal because it mucks up the GUI
This could also have other ramifications so please don't do anything that compromises your design and/or your 

ease of maintenance.

I can now see the full setlist when the 4 lines icon is pressed (never used it before so I'm learning).

Many thanks.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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