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Sync to ownCloud / nextCloud / WebDAV folder
Add my vote for this feature! Sync to webdav and import from webdav would be awesome!
(02-06-2023, 06:17 AM)beavis9k Wrote: Add my vote for this feature! Sync to webdav and import from webdav would be awesome!

Here is our vote for this feature. We're using your great software on 4 tablets, and urgently look forward to the feature (to get rid of Dropbox) and fully use our NextCloud Server.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm still working through some of the highest priority feature requests right now (based on user feedback), but I do want to include changes for this as soon as possible.

I also want to add my vote for this. Would love to be able to sync with my NextCloud Server.
I'm very much looking forward for adding more cloud options (especially pCloud) since I really can't use cloud sync now due to the combined size of my library and the files. It's just to big for my dropbox/gdrive/icloud contingents.

But in this regard there is another question or feature request from me. Is it possible that you add a "selected sync", so that one can select just one song (or several ones) or a collection or an album only which is synced with another tablet (including annotations, changed files or whatever)?

I often only need to sync very few songs and/or changes. And because my second (backup) iPad only has very few GB space (it's a couple of years old) I don't have the complete library of my main iPad on the older one, only a couple of books and collection. And it would be awesome, if I could select and sync only the files and/or collections necessary with the cloud (also helps with the space limitations there).
Adding filtering options for the sync (so you can choose what groups and/or songs are synchronized) is on the list of things to do. I'm not sure about the exact timeline for this yet though with all of the other efforts that are underway.


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