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Some pdf's load very slowly
Dear all,
I am quite a new user to MobileSheets, but experience that particular pdf's read extremely slow (> 10 seconds for a page on a new Samsung galaxy tab 3). It is not caused by file size or number of pages. Out of practical reasons, I would not like to convert everything to images.

If there are particular pdf features that are slow, I would like to know, so I can change the way I scan them/change the file format.

An example that is very slow is attached.

Any help would be appreciated, as it really hampers its usefullness for now.

Kind regards,

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.pdf   249 Father forgiver and friend.pdf (Size: 294.97 KB / Downloads: 13)
(09-26-2013, 03:05 AM)echappin Wrote: An example that is very slow is attached.

Any help would be appreciated, as it really hampers its usefullness for now.

Well - he's right, this file takes a long time to load (I measured approximately five seconds) and at some four seconds a pop, page turns are way too slow to allow proper use. Once the whole lot is in memory (having gone through all the page turns first) it runs at what I would consider to be 'normal' speed.

What I can't fathom is why? I have similar sheets and they all work as one would expect. I can see no real differences between this file and mine (in fact, for whatever reason, most of mine are larger).

Let's hope Mike can nail this one, as it does make MS useless for Émile.

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It's mostly due to the way the PDF is created. Some programs create extremely inefficient PDFs, and not every renderer handles this the same way. What program did you use to create that PDF and what DPI did you use? I had one user that had problems with load times because they were using a very old version of Adobe Acrobat to create their PDF. They used a new version of Adobe Acrobat to create the same PDF, and it rendered instantly.

Dear Mike, dear Graeme,

thanks so far! I looked a bit into the details of the pdf.

- The pdf compatibility is 1.3 (Adobe 4.x)
- The scan was set at the machine's default of 300 dpi.
- Changing the compatibility in Adobe Acrobat X Pro to the latest does not change performance (nor has a significant effect on the file size).
- Maybe it is relevant to know the way the pdf was created: it was scanned by a large office scanner/printer unit, which is able to feed the pages automatically, which makes digitalizing my collection less of a pain.

Any additional help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance,

I'm not sure I understand what PDF compatibility really means. Are you saying you recreated the PDF using Adobe Acrobat X Pro? Or are you saying the office scanner is the one that created the PDF? If the office scanner created the PDF, please try opening it in Adobe Acrobat, and re-saving it using that program to see if it helps. I would also like to take a look at the file. If you can send me a copy at mike@zubersoft.com, that would really help.

So I just downloaded Adobe Acrobat XI Pro. I then opened your file, and did Save As, and selected "Adobe PDF Files, Optimized (*.pdf)" as the Save as type. I transferred the file to my tablet and it opened almost instantly. I've included the fast version of the file. It really does matter how you create your PDF files. I believe your office scanner is using a very old converter, as Adobe 4.x is extremely out-of-date.

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.pdf   249 Father forgiver and friend (FAST).pdf (Size: 547.94 KB / Downloads: 1)
Dear Mike,
thanks for your response. This version of the file is fast indeed. Thanks for that!

Still I believe that whatever pdf file it is (apart from files with rediculous sizes) MobileSheets should be able to render them quickly as the data contained is rather similar.

I say this because of two practical issues: What if I receive a pdf shortly before a gig? How to fix my existing pdf's, as I have no access to Adobe Acrobat XI? I do have Adobe Acrobat X, but optimizing the pdf with that made no difference.

Hope you can therefore consider making the pdf renderer more robust against the various types of pdfs. Thanks a lot for the support!


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