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Keep Audio playing while changing to another song (useful for live performance)
Hello, I am using the application for live performance a couple of months already and I am very satisfied with it!

However, I would request if possible a feature that allows the audio to keep playing till the end, while I change the song to some other, than only with touching the "play" button to start the new one. This could be very useful when for example the people are dancing and I want to keep them on the dance floor, because not even a second will be wasted while navigating to the other song.

Thanks for reading! Regards! Smile
OK, I really wouldn't like to be "pushy", will give it one more try. I see that everyone is answered here, so I assume that my question/request has been somehow missed.

I use the application for live performance and it works great. When I am playing dancing sets, I use the audio player and attach a MP3 backing tracks to the lyrics of a song. So, what I would love (if possible) to see is a possibility while singing for example the last refrain of a song, or playing the last bars, to be able to navigate to another song (PDF) without the backing track stop playing. So I will avoid even a second of pause, which helps keeping people on the dance floor. Usually I am watching them and choosing "on the fly" what song or rhythm to play, so making a set list wouldn't work for me!

Thanks in advance! I hope I was more clear this time! I think that is obvious that English isn't my Mothers language, so please excuse me for not proper expression!

Hi angelvasmil,

Sorry for not responding sooner to your request. I am implementing my own audio player interface in the next major version, so I will have to add logic to support the concept of playing audio until explicitly stopped. The way it will have to work is, if you switch songs and the audio is still playing, you will have to hit the stop button, then play again to start the music for the new song. I will need to add additional settings so users have control over whether the music stops when you go back to the library screen, or switch between songs. Lots of work to do...

Thank you for the reply!

It is enough for me, knowing that you keep this in mind! Just take your time, whenever it happens it will be good!

And again - Great application!

Take care!

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