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New user - Issue with background not refreshed
Hi all

First, congrats for a great program, I am using it on a brand new 13.3 Android tablet, looks very promising.

Yet, I am facing issues with the different display modes.
I use some PDF that may not be too standard in their size.
Whenever I scroll from page to page, it seems that the screen background is not correctly refreshed, so old pieces of previous pages remain on the screen and the screen becomes a mess with chunks of scores on the right and on the left.

For example, I tried to display in landscape two pages side by side. When I scroll to the next page, current pages move to the left,  but parts of them remain displayed on the right side of the screen, and the new page does not cover all this garbage, which makes it rather impossible to read.

I am not home now and cannot insert a screen picture to make it clearer, I will do later on.
But in the meantime did anybody experience the same issue ?

Another example : my tablet has a 16/9 aspect ratio. Most PDFs come from A4 scanned documents so aspect ratio is not 16/9.
Displaying single page is fine, page fills up the top part of the screen, but the lower part that remains uncovered by the page is full of garbage, e.g. pieces of menu items tiled on one another, weird stuff like this part of the screen is not managed properly by the app when the page is displayed.

Maybe it would be necessary for the program to do a systematic full screen refresh whenever opening a new pdf sheet ? 

Sorry for the looong first post, hopefully there is a solution to these problems.
Screenshots to come in a few hours.



The only time I've ever seen that happen is right after installing. If MobileSheetsPro is completely closed and restarted, all of the drawing problems always go away. I've never been able to figure out why the tablet has those issues right after installing. If you restart MobileSheetsPro, do you still see the drawing issues? How about after a reboot?


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