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Turning page lagging

I gave you information on how the application is designed. I know the code I wrote, and I know how it is supposed to behave. I did not disregard what you told me or ignore the symptoms you reported. I just mentioned how it's supposed to work, and how it works on all of my devices (12+ Android tablets). I should mention that MobileSheets only loads a certain number of pages forward and backward (5 forward and 3 backward, so including the current page, that's 9 pages). I can load a 5+ page song and turn through every page without a single delay if the PDF is well optimized. I can also load a very, very slow document, and if I turn through pages quickly, most will still be rendering in the background, but once they've all loaded, I can turn back and forth with no delay at all, but only up to the amount that is cached. The limitation here is in terms of the amount of memory the operating system will allocate. Some devices will give MobileSheets far less memory to work with, but even with devices with a lot of memory, the OS may limit the amount MobileSheets is allocated to 512-1024 MB. Just to be clear - I can't just request whatever amount of memory I want. The OS lets apps ask for a "large" memory allocation, but there is no guarantee that the OS will honor that, or what that amount will be. So having any sort of setting for this in MobileSheets doesn't really make any sense as MobileSheets doesn't have much control over it.  I should mention that if MobileSheets tries to render too many pages and an out of memory exception is thrown, then MobileSheets will cut the number of pages cached in half. This can even happen multiple times until MobileSheets is only rendering the current page. If your device is having major issues, this may be the case for you. My Google Pixel Slate (also a chromebook) displays two pages at once just fine. What type of Chromebook are you using?

Also, if you want me to test your file, you can email it to mike@zubersoft.com and I'll be happy to try it out.

It should work fine. My now almost 10 year old surface pro 3 4Gb ram turn pages from my large library fine. Plugged in or on battery.

Give windows more time to settle down if it is a new device, windows is doing a lot of housekeeping and updating.

That is when I notice the slowdown on the device (not just Mobilesheets) when it is downloading updates etc.

I suggest turning off automatic updates. Windows likes to update when you need the device.

These older models can't do these things simultaneously.
Mike, it's really beyond words to express my appreciation for your ongoing commitment to a product so many musicians need. Even though it has be a while since I started my part of this thread I still want to follow it through. And add something as well.

My chromebook is
HP Chromebook x360 - 14-da0011dx Product Specifications

I will be sending the PDF that caused problems with delays. Image correction help some but still had some ways to go to have the snappiness I am used to. I would like to understand better what's going on because it's a file I got from IMSLP.org that houses gazillions of PDFs and where I think more discussion of optimized PDFs should be of interest--if only to save bandwith and storage, not to mention making it a smoother path to applications like yours.

In a follow-on email I will include another PDF where MobileSheets renders some pages into garbage and Image Correction is no help.

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