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Create Library from Setlist
Hallo Mike,

Since my library is getting huge, I would find it great if it would be possible to create a new database/library out of a created setlist.
In this way, I would not have to carry many Gigabytes of data with me to the gigs. 


Windows 11
Just to clarify my request, since there was no renponse:

The size of my database/library is more or less 750 Megabytes. More or less 300 pieces. And it's getting bigger every day.

In each concert I need to play, lets say, 20-30 pieces.

Could there be an easy way to export a back-up file including only the 20-30 pieces I need for the concert?

Many greetings!

Windows 11
I seem to be missing something here - a small database weighs the same as a large one (assuming same hardware).

Carrying large amounts of data round should therefore only be an issue if you can't fit it on the device you want to use.

You talk about a set list - do you mean a set list as provided by MSP or do you just mean a list/charts of of 20 odd songs (as if you were working with paper copies)
If you just mean a list of songs/charts then you should be using the MSP set list capability - Just create one with the songs you want and select that list when you want to perform (perhaps also put it into performance mode to disable editing etc).

Another alternative is that you use the export capability to create a pdf containing all the songs in a MSP set list. This pdf file can be printed, emailed or displayed (possibly on another device).

Mike has previously said that he has plans to provide multiple databases but this is really geared at people that want to have different databases for each area of their interest e.g. one per guitar group. Even if this was currently available, this would be overkill for what you are requesting and would likely be a nightmare for you to manage.

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You can accomplish this by going to the Setlist tab, long pressing the setlist and selecting Share->Export songs and files. Then go to Settings->Library settings and switch the library/database you are using. Then use Import->Local File to import the .msf file which will create the setlist and songs under that library.

Hallo Geoff and Mike,

Thank you both, for your answers.

Mike, your suggestion, was what I was looking for! Thanks!

I edit my main database at home, on my desktop PC. There I keep All the edited pieces and the backup files of the main database.
I also keep a copy of this database on a cloud folder, which I actualize/synchronize after each edit.

For concerts I use different devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet etc.) and play with different people/ensembles/bands. All devices that will be used for a rehearsal/concert are being synchronized with this cloud folder.

So until now the people, who played with me (who also use MobilSheets, of course) got access to my main database. All 750 Mb of it. Even if our setlist consisted of only 5 pieces.
Additionally to that, when I play solo, most of the times, I do not need to have my main database on my tablet (for example).
It slowly needs too much space (which I sometimes, depending on the device, I do not have)  and the synchronization time is getting longer.
Finally, although the performance is not really being affected by the amount of free storage space, this is,  in the long term, still an additional concern for me.

Many greetings!

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