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MobileSheets and MobileSheetsPro v2.4.9 Released
MobileSheetsPro for Android and MobileSheets for Windows 10 version 2.4.9 has been released. Version 2.4.7 is currently available for Windows 10 while version 2.4.9 is awaiting approval by Microsoft. The biggest change in this release is the addition of a new book mode option for the "Connect Devices" feature. When creating a new master group, a new checkbox is available to enable book mode. While book mode is enabled, it is possible to change the page turn mode as well as specify whether songs should be separated (this is the same as the current two page display mode option to separate songs so that pages from different songs will never be shown at the same time). Book mode will ensure that the slave device is always one page ahead of the master, and will correctly handle more complex page turning modes such as the "alternage page" mode. This feature will allow users to effectively use two separate tablets as if they are one physical display.

Additional options have also been added to the connect devices feature such as the ability to automatically reconnect at startup. This is extremely convenient if you always plan on having the same devices connected, as it eliminates the need to manually connect the devices when loaded. Additionally, a button is available to automatically connect using the last saved settings, which saves a couple of presses when creating a master group. Another new feature is the inclusion of a new setting to control how songs are matched between the master and slave devices. If you tap on the "Settings" button of the Connect Devices dialog, you will see options for how to configure slave devices. There is a new dropdown where you can choose between five different song fields for matching. As part of this, a new song ID field has been added to MobileSheetsPro to make it easier for users to assign numbers to songs that they want to match.

The new updates also contain many bug fixes, including a very important fix for annotating cropped pages in the Windows 10 version, and a fix for crashes that occurred while exporting songs with annotations. There are also some minor enhancements such as the ability to rename a song on the Import Settings dialog, an option to load the song editor after importing, and detection of chord pro content in .txt files. One thing that should be mentioned is that while it was possible to add support for OneDrive for Business accounts to the Windows 10 version, this was not possible in the Android version. The reason is that it would require the minimum version to be increased to 5.0, causing a huge number of users to no longer be able to get updates, which is not something I'm ready to do at this time. The full list of changes can be seen below:

Changes to both versions:
  • Added new Book Mode to the Connect Devices feature. This allows two devices to be used as if they are one.
  • Added new options to change how songs are matched when using the Connect Devices feature.
  • Added new song ID field. This can be used with the Connect Devices feature to easily connect songs on different devices
  • Added option to automatically reconnect devices at startup when using the Connect Devices feature
  • Added option to change the song title when using the Import dropdown to import a single file or grouped image files
  • Added option to load the song editor after importing a single file or grouped image files
  • Added code to automatically detect when chord pro content is in a text file and use the appropriate renderer
  • Fixed issue with chord sizes used in comments in chord pro files
  • Added option to hide chord brackets when they are drawn on the same line as lyrics
Changes to MobileSheetsPro (Android):
  • Fixed crash while exporting songs with annotations
  • Fixed issue where MobileSheetsPro would show an endless loop while importing if connected as a master device
Changes to MobileSheets (Windows 10):
  • Fixed issues with annotations on the edges of pages that have been cropped
  • Added support for using OneDrive for Business accounts
  • Fixed potential issues when creating link points
Changes to MobileSheetsPro Companion (v2.8.1, requires MobileSheets v2.4.7 or later):
  • Added code to automatically detect when chord pro content is in a text file and use the appropriate renderer
  • Added new song ID field
  • Added MIDI number column (Note: this will cause an initial delay while loading if used)
I'm still working on MIDI changes that I've previously discussed to enable new MIDI functionality (such as bluetooth connectivity). The next major update will contain these changes, and then I'll be working on the annotation rework.


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