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switching libraries vs changing storage loc
Questions related to the new "Switch Library" function in Library Settings:

In Storage settings, I have:
 - "Let MS Manage My Files" is NOT checked, and
 - "Expose Database File" IS checked

I have 3 separate folder trees on the tablet, and each has a mobilesheets.db file in the top directory. I've been switching between these 3 databases by changing the "Set the MS Storage Location" in Storage settings.

I'd like to use the new "Switch Library" function. 

Can I do this by renaming the "other 2" mobilesheets.db files to (for example) library#2.db and library#3.db, and moving them into the directory in which the default mobilesheets.db is stored?

It seems likely that this will break all the filepaths in library#2 and library#3.
I might be willing to take on the task of fixing those. Am I right in guessing that the "Fix Broken Files Paths" in Other Settings is likely to be able to fix the broken paths in 'batches' for each subfolder?

Thanks in advance.
You can do that, but you just have to make sure you do things in the right order:

1) Using the switch library settings screen, create library#2 and library#3 first. This ensures that the databases are listed in the MobileSheets configuration files.
2) Now exit MobileSheetsPro, rename your mobilesheets.db files for library#2 and library#3 and move them into same directory where the default mobilesheets.db is stored. 
3) The main problem you will run into is that all of the files and folders are stored in the database relative to the storage location. So if you switch to library#2, all of the file paths will be broken. If you use the fix broken file paths utility, it should be able to correctly locate all of the files on the tablet, but all of the database paths will have to be switched from relative to absolute, as they are no longer under the main storage location folder. If you created one more level of folder depth under your storage location, and had folders for "library 1", "library 2" and "library 3", then moved all the files/folders under those, then all of the database paths would stay relative to the storage location, which ensures things work as smoothly as possible. It's up to you if you want to take that extra step.

Mike thanks very much for the clear + quick reply.
I'll let you know how I do.
Mike- putting the *.db files into the top-level directory worked great.

I had to fix file paths on a lot of songs, and ended up using the "Find Missing Files" manual tool.

FYI I tried the "Fix File Paths" Automatic with "confirm for each file." 
The tool found good candidates for files to replace the missing files, but after clicking OK, it did not appear to actually make the change in the db.  That is, the same missing file appeared the next  time I ran the tool/scan.  
(This is not more than an FYI - it is not a request for support.  I made the changes manually and it's done now.)

Thanks for your very quick reply and help.
As always, thanks for a great app.

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