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Midi send issues on Casio Px560M
I love mobilesheets pro,, 
i am using the kindle fire version android on 10" fire HD,, 
i can see midi messages from my keyboard, and use them in batch send,, it properly sends the codes to the keyboard
and thus changes the problem
but the casio has a Upper 1 patch (which is the default and where the changes correctly occur)
and an Upper 2 for a second layered instrument (which is not working)

when i try to listen to midi and apply from the Upper 2,, looks like the messages read right, i see it is a diff channel and when i apply the midi batch, it over writes and applys the batch to the UPPER one thus not making the change in the right 'place' 

i think it has something to do with channels but i am not a midi expert, just enough to get it to work a little 

here is a document from casio for this keyboard on what codes to use,,
i dont know where or how to properly plug them in to get them to work,,, 
i am putting several docs into a zip file for your review

your help would be appreciated...

link is  http://dmefreeserver.com/files/casioinfo.zip
Seems to me like you need to enable Settings->MIDI Settings->Allow Multiple MIDI Channels, and then when you want to change Upper 1, you use channel 1, when you want to change Upper 2, you use channel 2 (this is for messages you are sending). Have you done that already? If you can take screenshots of the MIDI messages you've set up in MobileSheetsPro, that would help.

Hello Mike,, thanks for your great and fast response!

In fact i found that option in settings and kind of knew it was channel related,,

I was able to accomplish the feat i was seeking and you are right layer 1 is channel 1,, layer 2 is channet 2 etc.

now that ,, this problem was solved, i can't wait to start sending some more complex commands and see how it works.

my only problem is keepting the tablet from running out of power during a gig,,, can i get a Y adapter for USB  to i can 
connect my tablet to the keyboard and a usb charger?  any ideas,,,,

and how to people send codes to multiple keyboards?


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