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How to share or export files from Surface Pro 6

I've been using the Android version of MSP for years on a Samsung Tab S2. Last week I bought a Surface Pro 6 and have successfully installed my library back up and commenced using MSP. I tried to email a file today without any success. In the Android version, when I clicked on share file, I had heaps of options for doing so and normally used my GMail account. In the Windows version I am only offered three options: Outlook mail (which I don't use), OneNote (which didn't work - One Note told me I didn't have permission to access the file) or Skype, which I couldn't do because I'm not connected with this person on Skype (however I did send it to a family member as a trial and it worked - but I would much rather use GMail!). I can't even save it to Google Drive or OneDrive and then email from there. 

When I tried to go via Export rather than Share, I got confused! I chose to send it to OneDrive but it tells me the file already exists and asks if I want to overwrite it. But I can't see that file in my OneDrive folder! Same problem if I try to export to Google Drive. I'm reluctant to go ahead because I'm don't know what I'm overwriting!

Screen shots attached. 

What step/s (or perhaps apps?) am I missing please? (PS I am very new to Windows 10 - my PC is still running Windows 7.)

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I have managed to get my head around the email option, and found that I could send the file via email without needing a new Outlook email account/address. So first problem is solved.  

My second problem might be solved - I have managed to send a file successfully to OneDrive without getting the warning that I will overwrite a file. The first piece that I tried still warns me that I will overwrite the file, but a document search in onedrive fails to locate it! If you can shed any light on whether this is likely to be a problem or some sort of one-off glitch I'd be grateful. 

Thanks for your patience

Hello Bee,

The apps listed when you use Share are based on the "Share Charm" in Windows 10. Basically, it will only show applications you've installed off the Microsoft Store. Microsoft's model for this only allows store applications to share data or files with each other in this manner. They may have done it this way to protect the user as store apps are very limited in the kind of mischief they can cause in the operating system.

As far as the export issue, that's actually a misleading message. It's warning you about the temporary file that's going to be overwritten in the MobileSheets temporary file directory (the temporary file is what is actually uploaded). I've modified the code to prevent this from happening in the future. What I really need to do at some point is provide a warning when files on the cloud will be overwritten, but that involves making quite a few changes so it will have to wait for a later update. Normally that message doesn't show up though because the temporary file is supposed to be deleted after the upload completes. So there are only two possibilites that I can think of:

1) The upload is actually failing and the temporary file isn't being deleted. I'm not sure why you aren't seeing an error message in this case though. I haven't found a way to reproduce this problem yet. Does this same thing happen when you export other songs in your library or is it just that one? If you try to manually delete the file under C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Packages\41730Zubersoft.MobileSheets_ys1c8ct2g6ypr\TempState, can you, or is the file locked?

2) The song name is different from the file name it is using and you are looking for the wrong file name. I doubt this is the problem, but I just thought I would mention it as a possibility.

Thanks Mike, 

Yesterday I was able to export a different song to OneDrive, but still had problems with the same message on tht first song I had tried. Just now I tried to export that first song again, to see what might happen, and it worked! Fourth time lucky. 

I went to the folder you listed, and a song I successfully emailed yesterday was still there. I tried exporting it to OneDrive and got the same error message about overwriting, but this time clicked on export instead of cancel. It exported properly and the temp file had disappeared. At least I know what to do now if the problem recurs. 

Thanks for your time. 

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