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"Ignoring duplicate file"
    I'm new to MSP, so I have a lot to learn.

I made the mistake of selecting, "Remove songs from Setlist," thinking it would let me select which ones to remove.  Instead, it removed all of them from my Kindle.  I connected the Kindle to my computer, went to Fire > Storage Device, and then found the Setlist.  When I clicked on it, it showed all the songs that had been removed were still there - although they do not show up on the Kindle, only on the computer.  The Setlist I see on the screen of the Kindle is empty.

So, when I look on the Kindle, the Setlist is empty, but when the computer looks at the Kindle, it sees all 22 songs in the Setlist.  I tried to Import those songs into the empty Setlist on the Kindle, but it ignores them because they are already there.

Any ideas?

EDIT:  Even if I try to import those songs into a Setlist with a different name, MSP ignores them.
Hello Jerry,

Removing songs from a setlist does not delete them. It just removes them from that particular setlist, but you can add them back at any time. You do not have to reimport the files to add them back to the setlist. It's important to distinguish between files and songs in MobileSheetsPro. A song can use multiple files, and there isn't a one-to-one correlation with files and songs. You also should note that, by default, any file you import is copied into the MobileSheets Storage Location which is listed under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location.  You took a screenshot of those lists of files, but if you aren't looking at the storage location (and you haven't changed the Storage settings for MobileSheets), it's not going to use the files in that location.

To add your songs back to the setlist, go to the Setlists tab in MobileSheetsPro, tap on your setlist, then tap "Edit" at the top of the screen. You can now tap each song from your library on the right to add them to the setlist. There are lots of ways to add songs to setlists in MobileSheetsPro. You can also add songs to setlists by filtering on the library screen long pressing a song to select it, then selecting each song you want to add by tapping it, then tap the three dots at the top right and then "Add songs to Setlist" or "Create setlist from songs". 

Let me know if yiou need additional information.

Thanks for the reply.  Using Edit made all the difference.  I was able to add the 25 missing songs back to my empty Setlist.

In going through the list of songs, I saw that there were a lot of duplicates.  How would they have gotten there?  I have 1, 2, 3, or 4 copies of some songs.  At first, I thought the duplicates might be there because they're in several Setlists, but I doubt it.  Maybe I Imported them several times?  Can I just delete them?

I'll have more questions as I do more with MSP.
One of the options when importing is whether new songs will be created when duplicate files are detected. If MobileSheetsPro was not configured to ignore duplicate files, then it would have created multiple instances of your songs. You can long press a song to start selection, tap each song you want to delete, then tap "Delete Songs" at the top of the library screen to delete them all.

I'll glom onto this thread.  Trying to figure out how to best manage file activity.  Please feel free to call me out on any of these observations.  I'm sometimes afraid to try too much at the file level because I'm not sure what's going to happen so some of this is from memory

Regarding songs, in the most simple terms, the MSP architecture seems to have two levels.  What I'll call the MSP level has a title based on whatever you chose to do when it was imported and whatever else you did to it in MSP (enter duration, make annotations, etc.).  Behind the scenes is the original file - in my case either txt or PDF.  I'll call that the base file.  If you rename the MSP file, it does not rename the base file.  I have not found an easy way to rename the base.

Similarly, let's say I want to make a copy in MSP.  I can create "Song Orig" in MSP but it will still have "song.txt" as it's base.  Now I import my updated "song.txt" again and it will kill "Song Orig" because behind the scenes it is based on whatever "song.txt" is.

I don't want to call this a complaint.  Really just a source of confusion - but potential disaster.  Once the base file is in MSP it becomes a very mysterious entity.  Am I missing something obvious or easy at the file management level?
Thanks.  It will take me a while to figure out this program.  What confuses me is having files/songs on the SD card but not having them show up in MSP.  I have the impression that once the files are copied from the card to MSP, the card is no longer necessary.  Unlike some other programs, I think MSP actually contains the songs, rather than just referencing them while they exist somewhere else.

Another problem I have is of my own making.  I have three different Kindles, and trying to make them all the same is a challenge.  I know there is a Sync feature, but I hesitate to use it.
MobileSheetsPro makes a copy of every file you import and places it into the folder listed under Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location. If you don't like that behavior and would prefer to control your own files, just uncheck Settings->Storage->Let MobileSheets Manage my Files. Then any file you import after that point will be used from its original location. If you let MobileSheets manage your files, then you really shouldn't be worrying too much about how the files are named or where they are located. If you want to replace a file, long press the song on the library screen, tap the three dots at the top right and select "Swap File". I do plan on adding support for renaming files, I just haven't got around to adding that yet.


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