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Android App Scaling?
Hi everyone,

Is MSP compatible with Android App Scaling, I tried testing to mirror my LG V30 with a USB-C to HDMI cable on my 22'' monitor and it works, but the resolution is too big for all menus and windows!
MobileSheet does not show on the phone's application list to change the resolution in Android 8...

Thanks in advance,
Hello Dominic,

I'm not familiar with the Android App Scaling that you are referring to, and I couldn't seem to find much about that when searching for it. Is that something you see on a Samsung phone? If so, that may be Samsung specific functionality that isn't a part of the standard Android OS. MobileSheetsPro is designed to scale up or down depending upon the resolution and screen density of the device. There are higher resolution assets for higher resolution screens. Resolution by itself isn't the determining factor in which assets are used though - screen density is, which is the number of pixels per inch on the screen. A phone with a 2560x1600 resolution is going to have a high density (and use very high resolution icons), whereas a 30-inch display with that same resolution is going to use lower density assets as that resolution is spread out over a much larger surface.

Thanks for your answer Mike,

As I was describing, I am mirroring the image from a cell to an external monitor, so the final resolution is the one from the phone...
Again, it is a LG V30 ThinQ running Android 8.0.0, but I think is not a true bare Android, and it might use a modified version of it (like Samsung does), as opposed to my newer LG G7 One that uses a real Android 9 version...
Anyways, that setting I am refering to is named App scaling, and is application specific... not all of my installed apps are available for that setting, but another setting called Display size is.
Also, on my newer LG that setting is not present, only the Font size and Display size as a general setting for every applications are present, and that Display size setting is not enough to make a satisfying difference!
The problem I encounter when mirroring is that the whole size of everything is exactly like on the phone itself, resulting in huge pop-up windows and menus on the external 22'' monitor... 
That's why I was looking to increase the application resolution, to make everything smaller in fact.
The music itself, so the PDF, is perfect...

Error message is: MobileSheets Pro does not support the current Display size setting and may behave unexpectedly.

I might not adopt that method anyways, because there is no way to hook the USB-A connector of the touchscreen monitor to the only USB-C connector of the phone (or eventually tablet), on top of the HDMI (or DisplayPort)... I also thought of casting from a Goggle dongle (or Miracast), but again the problem is to rely on a WiFi network AND no way to preserve the touchscreen function of the monitor.

I am almost convinced to buy ELO Touch I-Series 2.0 for Android 22'' https://docs.elotouch.com/ELO_I-Series-A...10_web.pdf
but I wonder if they are going to release a newer model soon...

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