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I have had many years successfully using 'MS' producing playlists now, I would like to produce chord format sheets for my backing musicians so I have found something called Chord Pro Files in the Manual with a link http://www.chordpro.org    I have tried several time but I cannot follow the download instructions correctly it seems because I get a screen which has no options and nowhere to load any material.  Can anyone help please?
Hello Brian,

You have a lot of different ways you can create chord pro files. You can do it using a simple text editor such as NotePad++, or you can use a dedicated chord pro editor. If you want to create the file in MobileSheetsPro, tap "New" at the top of the songs tab, and on the files tab of the song editor, tap the bottom most icon on the right. This will ask you to name the new chord pro file. After doing this, you can start entering your lyrics and chords as described in the chord pro specification (the link in your post). 

If you have chord pro files already that you want to import, just use Import->Local File (if the files are on the tablet itself) or Import->Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive if they are on the cloud. Let me know if you need help with things I haven't covered here.

I have followed your helpful instructions but when I name the new cord.pro file it opens as a blank sheet with no guide how to create anything. I have selected 'enter' and managed to form a few bars of chords only and found that I can transpose easily.  However I was hoping to find a template that I could just fill.  

I downloaded a lyric and chord file which was fine but I can't load it into the Song/New/name file above so I can't transpose etc.

I have tried Notepad but it won't save as PDF   Can you please give me a link to a dedicated chord pro editor.
I'm not a fan of the Chordpro format, but it is very popular with some players and I'm often presented with charts in that format.  You might like to look at a program called Chordsmith ( http://www.statistics101.net/chordsmith/ ) which I have found very useful.

The overview of Chordsmith is;

"ChordSmith is a program that transposes song sheets containing chords and lyrics from one key to another. It can also convert song sheet formats between ChordPro format and two-line format (chords above lyrics). You can find many free sources of song sheets in both formats on the Internet. In addition, ChordSmith will convert songs among different musical notation systems: Letter names (A through G), Nashville numbers (1 through 7), and solfège names (Do, Re, Mi...). Some sources of song sheets are listed at the end of this document. ChordSmith is accompanied by a modified open-source application, Chord, which can be launched by ChordSmith and among many other features, allows you to view and print high quality songs and songbooks. "

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I just created my first ChrodPro sheet in MobileSheets as a test and while it was a bit of a chore, the transposing thing is great!

I used the Song Editor in MobileSheets, copy/pasted a text file I had NOT in ChordPro format and used the square bracket directives to place the chords so ChrordPro/Mobile Sheets would properly place them over the lyrics.


I can't for the life of me get anything other than the title of the song and the "artist" to appear.

This is how I set it up on top of the page. What am I dong wrong?

{artist:George Gershwin}
{key:e minor}
{tempo: 90 bpm}

All I see at the top of the sheet when I display the file is:

George Gershwin

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
If you specify metadata fields in the chord pro file, they will be used to populate the metadata of the song that is created. Those fields are not shown on the chord pro page itself. If you wanted to both populate metadata and display those values, you'd have to add them twice, i.e.

{artist:George Gershwin}
{key:e minor}
{tempo: 90 bpm}
key:e minor
tempo: 90 bpm
I knew that... Wink

I learned two new things with your answer!!

Thanks SO much!
THE reference for ChordPro: https://github.com/ChordPro/chordpro/wiki
a dedicated ChordPro editor for windows: https://www.skeed.it/songpress
a webpage with thousands of sample songs: https://www.chordie.com/
first language: German
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Thank you again all for the help and application suggestions!!

Since my initial question and experiments, I have discovered that the ChordSmith application suggested GraemeJ, makes the creation of ChordPro lyric & chord sheets for MobleSheets a simple process:
  • Copy/paste an existing lyric/chord chart from anyplace you find it on the Internet to a document.
  • Save it as a text file.
  • Open it in ChordSmith and convert it to a ChordPro file with one click.
  • Save the converted file with an appropriate name.
  • Import into MobleSheets and modify as necessary.

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