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Database and Settings lost under W10

I need some help here. I'm not sure what happened. After I changed the storage location on my W10 desktop all worked fine for a while.

But yesterday when I started it up (I don't think it's connected with the update) it at first warned me about not finding the database and using a backup.
The backup showed some files but all my entries for collections, setups, albums and so on where missing.

I copied an old database and also the other content of the localstate directory other the current. But after that it not only doesn't show a database
but only the welcome screen about the first use of MSP. When I try to go in the settings there is nothing shown there. It's all black and no menus
to work with.

I have messed a bit with the contents of the localstate directory (not changing files, but syncing with other devices). But this here puzzles me.

Isn't the date about collections, setlists and so on also stored in the mobilesheets.db and should show up? And what's up with the settings?

Have you an idea what's going on or should I simply reinstall (and try to copy over an old database again)?

Short P.S. I just copied again a database from my other device. After starting MSP again it gave a short message about "upgrading the database", but then showed only the welcome screen again and no data.
The LocalState directory contains not only the database file by also all of the settings files for the application (those are the xml files). Did you overwrite all of those which could have reverted settings you previously changed such as the storage location? 

Yes, everything related to collections and setlists is stored in the database. 

Given that I don't really know what state things are in after you copied over the LocalState folder, it might be best to reinstall and copy over just the database file. If you also modified the storage location, you could copy defaults.xml as well.


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