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Year not saved if you do not click on it

I use MobileSheets V2.5.7.  When you edit the metadata of a song and you enter the year in which the song is created, the year is not saved if you do not explicitely select it from the combobox.

  • Click with right mouse button on a song
  • Select Edit
  • Enter a year which is not yet in the predefined list.  I'm going to use 1901 in this example
  • Save your changes
  • Click with right mouse button on the same song
  • Select Edit
  • You'll notice the year is filled in.
  • Click with right mouse button on another song  and click edit
  • Enter the same year as above, so 1901 in this example
  • Put your cursor in another field.  You'll notice 1901 will be in the "Year"-field without a "X"-sign behind it
  • Save your changes
  • Edit this song again: the year does not appear
  • Enter in field year the number again and select it from the combobox.
  • You will now notice the year has a "X" behind it.
  • Save your changes
  • Reopen the song
  • The year is now in
The odd thing is that this behaviour does not occur in other fields such as composers.  If you enter the full name of a composer which is already in, without clicking on the proposed name in the combobox, there is no "X" behind the name. However, if you save your changes and then edit the metadata, the name of the composer is visible, thus saved.

Can this behaviour be changed so the year is also saved if you do not select it from the combobox?

Hello Ino,

That bug seems to impact any field as far as I can tell. It also occurred while editing composer in the library I'm testing with. I'll investigate and get it fixed ASAP.


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