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"find missing files" + "fix broken paths
I'm finding that I'd like to reorganize the directories in which I store PDFs - structure and/or names - from time to time.

After moving / renaming directories, I use the "find missing files" and "fix broken file paths" tools. It's occurred to me that either or both of the following would be a big help in getting thru this task ...

1) after running the "find missing files" tool, if you could copy the file path from songs missing files, then you could paste that into the "fix broken file paths" tool. 
As it is, I have to write this down on paper, then carefully type it into the "fix broken file paths" tool.

and / or ...

2) Add a new option in the "fix broken file paths" tool, such that:
When you use "Automatic + confirm replacement for each file", you get the "Confirm Path Change" dialog. Add a new option to "Try to use the NEW path, for all missing files in the OLD path."
This new choice would enable you to take advantage of MSP's automatic search+match to avoid typing the error-prone paths, and also avoid the time-consuming task of tapping 'OK' for many songs.

It might help to change the dialog's wording slightly to minimize user confusion. Maybe something like:
"Do you want to replace this OLD path:

with this NEW path:
CANCEL ALL ... SKIP this song ... Replace for ONLY THIS song ... 
Try to use this NEW path for ALL broken songs in the OLD path"

Another option might be to display a second, different dialog if the user chooses the "Try/use the NEW path for all broken songs in the OLD path."

Thanks for considering it, and thanks as always for a top-notch application.

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