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Ledger lines

Sorry, I'm a newbie to the forums, so apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I can't find any reference. I've used the app for quite a while, but have not as yet found an easy way to mark up a piece to place a note on a ledger line below or above the staff. So I've just added the note, moved it down to approx the correct level for the stave then drawn a line though it. It's quite difficult to get it right (and straight) though, and if there are several ledger lines, it gets pretty well impossible. Is there something I've missed? Or can I put in a suggestion for an enhancement to allow ledger lines (with a count of how many) to be drawn?

Ali Smith

Is the positioning the problem or the drawing of the lines? I'm assuming you are zooming in, using the nudge tool for positioning and setting the pen tool to draw a line, right? You can also enable "Snap to Grid" and if you set the grid cell size correctly, it could align perfectly with where the ledger lines should be drawn. If you need a specialized option for drawing ledger lines, we will need to discuss more about the requirements for that and how it would be implemented.

Mike, thanks for the reply. No I hadn't been zooming in, so I'll have a play with that, and the snap to grid, which I wasn't aware of (I said I was a newbie!). I'll let you know how it works out, one way or the other.


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