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Filter TEMPO
Hi everyone.
I'm looking for a way to filter songs by genre and tempo  in ascending order.
  some advice?

Thanks for reply. 

If you need a proper numeric sort order, about the only thing you could do is go to the song title formatting dialog, add tempo as the first part of the song title, check the option to sort based on the formatted title, then on the songs tab, change the sort to "Numerically" at the the top, and then filter by genre using the genre dropdown. If you need to have the search results sorted by tempo and genre, you'd have to probably put tempo and then genre as the first parts of the song title.  If you need to filter on a specific tempo, you could use the search field for that, but if you need a range of tempos, that would be harder.

If you put tempo into the Custom field, you could also sort on Custom (which does a numeric sort as well). That would prevent the need to modify the song title formatting. 

Can you provide an example of the kind of filter you are looking for?

I work in a band that makes music to make people dance. every day different people, different ages, etc. when they start to dance a musical genre, experience teaches us that we need to grow with the beat. being able to have the songs filtered according to the TEMPO in ascending order helps the choice of the next song. I can't change the name of the song because I also use alphabetical order a lot. A range of tempos could be the best. 

That would require a number of changes to support allowing the user to designate a range of tempos versus just picking from a list of tempos that are associated with songs in the library.  The question is whether this should be presented as a logical construct that may be unfamiliar to some users, i.e. tempo >= 80 and tempo <= 140, or if I should modify the filter UI for tempos so that you could pick a min value, and then pick a max value, and it would show all values between them. I've been considering moving the filters to a popup menu on the side (that would be shown with a hamburger button), and I think adding additional filter options like this might work better once I've added that so that there is sufficient room for the selections. The other option is to add a new mode for the search bar for advanced users that want to be able to build expressions so that they can perform comparisons on multiple fields at once. That would also make it possible to perform numerical comparisons on fields that have a numeric value.

Beyond that, I would also need to open up sorting to work on other fields such as tempo. This is all going to be a fair amount of work, so I don't know when I'll have the bandwidth to work on it. Just to verify - you are wanting to sort on tempo, and possible filter on a range, but also filter on one or more genres?

more than an interval, for me it would be enough to be able to order the various songs of a genre in ascending order of tempo. If I choose a song and they are dancing ,my only interest is to go around that beat or more. And if I could use different genres could be the top.

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