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How to use song ID
Hi everyone,
sorry for the question, but... can someone explain me how to use -song ID-?
I tried with search function, but no answer.

The scenario is:
I have on my tablet 1 pdf,  for example -test-, and few different pdf versions for the band
-test guitar-, -test text-, -test keyboard-, etc...
I'm  master, other devices slave.
My goal is to choose during the gig the pdf on my tablet and each member of the band has the right custom version of the pdf on their tablets. 

Song ID is the solution. Right? But how to use this feature? 

It could be great to have a -step by step- tutorial. At the moment I'm totally confused about this feature that I'd like to use, and I need a start.
How to name PDF, how to use song ID for each PDF, how to send the custom PDF to each member of the band, what about custom sync for each member, etc... a global view of the feature could be great.

Many thanks for help. Or, please, link me some previous discussion.


MSP 2.6.2
Android 6.0 
Hello Max,

It's pretty simple - just assign the song ID to the song on the master and the songs on the slave that you want to be loaded at the same time. There is a button to help assign a unique song ID on the master to prevent duplicates. So if you assign a song ID of 4 on the master for "-test-", then on one slave device "-test-guitar-" could be assigned 4, and that song would be loaded when "-test-" is loaded on the master. It doesn't matter what the PDF is named on each device or any of the other settings. MobileSheetsPro is just going to match on song ID (or title/custom/etc depending upon the setting chosen in the connection settings). 

Speaking of which, the one thing you have to make sure you do is on the "Connect Devices" dialog, tap on the "Settings" button on each client and set the "Match songs using" field to "Song ID". Otherwise they will match on title by default.

Song ID can also be used for song matching while performing library synchronizations or when sharing .msf files. What additional information do you require?


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