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Windows 10
(06-04-2019, 03:47 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I can also help transfer people to the FastSpring version if they prefer that. I'm going to push the update to my FastSpring store as soon as I can.


Hi Mike,

I am facing the same problem since yesterday evening. I have already tried to update my tablet to the newest Windows 10 version but unfortuantely my tablet hardware is not compatible (that's what the Windows updater is telling me).
Can you transfer me to the FastSpring version since I am afraid that the update via the Windows shop will take too long for me (i have a gig this weekend) ?

Regards, Rainer
Version 2.6.5 is available through the Microsoft Store now. If you go to the store and search for MobileSheets, you should see an option to update. Please update to that version and you should no longer encounter the crash. Let me know if you encounter any issues updating or running the app after.

I am having the same problem with Mobilesheets not opening. It started yesterday and is still happening today. I have Windows 10 Home version 1803. My computer does not let me update to the new version (Windows Home 1903) - I have tried multiple times now. I'm getting quite concerned because I use Mobilesheets for my work as a musician almost daily. I have rehearsals and performances tomorrow for which I'm going to have to print off a ton of music (without my annotations) if it doesn't get fixed. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!
Have you updated to version 2.6.5? That fixes the crash at startup and works just fine with Windows 10 Home version 1803. 

It works!!!!!! You are a lifesaver! Words cannot express my gratitude for this app and all the work you do on it - thank you Mike!
Thank you for your kind words. I'll do my very best to prevent any issues like this in the future.

This is a repost from another thread, but may be helpful... 

I'm a new user.  The first time I tried to run MSfW10 it crashed when I tried to start a setlist.  After reading posts on this forum, I decided to make sure my version of Windows Home 10 was at least at 1809.  It wasn't.  It was 1803.  So I thought, no problem, I'll use Windows Update to manually upgrade to 1809.  Nothing doing.  Windows Update said I was up to date, and gave me no option to install 1809. 

So I contacted Microsoft through their chat support.  They provided a link to the 1809 install package, which I downloaded.  IT TOOK OVER 4 HOURS, but it finally downloaded.  After installing it, I went back into MSfW10, and I was able to create a setlist and a song in it with multiple pages.  That's as far as I've gotten, but so far so good.

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