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"Weaving" multiple PDF into a single song
Hey All,
I primarily use MobileSheets in the pit for musicals. There are often many cuts, tweaks and changes that happen before it is all "final" so I use a combination of page order, annotations (with my Surface Pen) and big white boxes to get everything ready so I can just "Next Page" through the whole show. However, this time, I actually have to play some parts from an entirely different part. My main part (in this case Alto Sax) is in one PDF, and the second one I'm covering for some numbers (Clarinet 2) is in another PDF.

Is there a way to "weave" those files together? I might play songs 1 - 8 from the Alto book, then 9 from the Clarinet book, then 10-14 in Alto, then in song 15, half is on Clarinet, then back to Alto. Normally musicals with these jumps have it all in a single score, but we are short someone, so I'm covering a whole other part. Ideally, I'd like to be able to set the page order something like this:

File 1: pg 1-10
File 2: pg 12-13
File 1: pg 11-32
File 2: pg 30
File 1: pg 31


Thanks for the tips!
In order to do that, you have two choices:

1) Add both files to the song with the full range of pages, long press the song and use Share->Export Files and use the option to join the files into one PDF. Then reimport that PDF (or swap it in the song in place of the two files) and you can now set up the page range to include pages from both files. If the first file was 50 pages and the second was 60, for example, the page order for your example would be, "1-10,72-73,11-32,80,31". You would just add the number of pages in the first file to each page from the second file.

2) You can add the same file to the song multiple times. When it presents a conflict error, you can specify that you want to use the existing file. So you would need to add both files over and over with a different page range for each instance of each file. 

I'm looking to add an option to combine files in a future update to make #1 a little easier. I also want to add some basic editing features for PDFs so that you can insert pages into an existing file, remove pages, etc.

Thanks! I'll try it out!

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