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Backup/sync issues
I manage several tablets for my church as well as my personal one that has much more non-church music.

In the past, when I've needed to sync setlists (every couple months), I just backup my personal tablet, copy to flash drive, and then restore from that backup on all the other tablets, then delete any personal (non-church music) after syncing. Not a perfect system, but it does the job.

Most of the church music comes out of a single PDF, a guitar book, and I create snippets out of it.

Recently, I have a new keyboardist who has joined and she prefers the piano PDF book, which is loaded on my tablet (for reference, mostly), but I don't have any snippets made from it since everybody else uses the guitar book. 

She has been creating her own snippets on one tablet only, it it's been working fine. However, when I do a sync from my tablet to hers, all of her snippets become deleted and she has to start all over, even though I tell it not to delete anything. Is there any way to preserve her snippets when i do backups? Or is there a way to do partial backups of select files only? Surely there is a better process.
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In order for your keyboardist to be able to have separate songs/snippets from the library you are using, you can no longer use the library backup/restore approach. Instead, you need to tap the three dots at the top right corner of the library screen and use the "Sync Library->Sync to another device" feature. This allows changes to be merged either in one direction or in both directions. You can choose what kind of data is synchronized as well. Let me know if you need additional information about this.


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