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Clock position

i'm using the new option to display the clock in the upper right corner.
Around the clock is a white frame, so it is readable on every sheet. Thats fine.
But then there is some extra margin to the display, which sometimes is to much so the clock hides some of the sheet music.
Could you please make the postion of the clock without any margins (or less margin) to the display?
Or better: Make it adjustable where the clock position is.
Go into overlay Mode tap the second item from the left on the bottom.
Then the second from the top.
There you can adjust the clock settings.

Unfortunatly i cant attach Screenshots, because they are too large
I know these settings. Unfortunately the position here can only be set in one of the corners, but not exactly.
You can make the clock background opaque - but that assumes you don't display the clock on a similar coulour e.g. black on a black border won't  be visible

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I can reduce the margin a little, but the margin is already pretty small. Making the position fully adjustable would take a considerable amount of work which I can't justify at the moment.

(07-16-2019, 04:48 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: Making the position fully adjustable would take a considerable amount of work which I can't justify at the moment.
Maybe in the future. Cool
Placing something like the clock within the score is imho not a good idea at all. That's why I don't use it.
I would appreciate one fully configurable screen element (e.g. extending the next song indicator bar) with features like that.
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Adding a persistent status like the clock, or something like the battery status (which is another requested feature) only in the next song bar doesn't make a lot of sense to me, as it's not supposed to be up all the time (although it can be configured that way). I also don't think that would be intuitive to users - having to enable and show the next song bar just to see the time. Having a fully configurable bar is fine, but then I would ask - why not just use the standard Android status bar at the top of the screen at that point? If you go out of fullscreen mode, it shows time, battery status, etc.  If there were other types of status to show in this bar that weren't visible in the standard Android status bar, then maybe I could see the value, but I can't think of anything useful like that at the moment. 

The whole reason I put it on top of the score is that is what was requested repeatedly by users. They wanted status that didn't shrink down the size of their score (as exiting fullscreen mode does this), and the only way to provide that was to overlay it on top of the score. Having said that, if you want separate options to show other kinds of status in the next song bar like the clock, battery status, etc, I could handle that independent of the current options. There is no reason I can't support both ways of doing things.

The background can be turned off which may help. I changed the clock color to red and 'None' for the background and it didn't mask anything else, even on the Nook. On my phone I could still read the chart, even with the clock covering part if the staff. I don't normally use the clock. Personally, after trying this, I think what is available works fine. Since it's the background color that seems to cause the masking, don't us a background.
Would it help if the clock was translucent? Is that easy to code?
Oh, the position in the right upper, corner is where I look automatically for a clock.
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I could add a transparency setting, as that is not difficult to do, but I'm not sure that would make it any easier to read as it would just cause the pixels to blend together...


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