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Alternate Page ambiguity
In Half Page display mode (with either Portrait or Landscape orientation) when all of a page is showing and a page turn occurs, the top half of the next page is displayed above the bottom half of the current page. These two half pages are separated by a horizontal bar. The next page turn displays all of the next page and the separation bar disappears. This bars serves as a clear indicator when the page halves are out of sequence and another turn is needed to see the remainder of the page.

This seems perfectly analogous to landscape Two Page display mode when using Alternate Page Turns. Except that the vertical bar separating the two facing pages is the same, whether or not the pages are out of sequence. An important advantage of being able to preview the following half page or full page (besides context) is the ability to tap a page turn at a convenient place rather than suddenly at the bottom of a page. So when the left page is being played in alternate page mode, it may not be remembered or obvious whether another turn is now needed to see the following page on the right side.

Focusing on the music as you arrive on the left page, you may forget to tap again to bring the right page into correct sequence. And then you may not remember whether you have forgotten. Content or page numbers may not be an immediate cue. So I'm suggesting that while the left page is ahead of the right page, this could be indicated by a differently shaded or slightly thicker vertical bar. The slight loss of horizontal screen space shouldn't matter. A much thicker bar separates the two page sides when the overlay is active.
The space between pages isn't actual a vertical bar - it's just black/empty space. When the overlay is visible, the pages become smaller, which just increases the amount of empty space between them due to their height shrinking. Having said that, I can certainly put a vertical line between the pages to indicate when the left page is ahead of the right page. Other users have suggested a different background color or a border around the entire page. It would really great if users could provide their feedback on the method they prefer so I can choose the most popular solution. A colored vertical bar is certainly the simplest solution, meaning it can be implemented the fastest. Another question is whether this should be something that should be configurable vs just making it a normal part of the alternage page turn mode.

I remember I requested something like that quite some time ago for the vertical scrolling. I think an (optional) dotted line where the current page ends and the next begins would suffice for me.
(07-25-2019, 07:50 PM)BRX Wrote: I remember I requested something like that quite some time ago for the vertical scrolling. I think an (optional) dotted line where the current page ends and the next begins would suffice for me.
That sounds OK for vertical scrolling and maybe something like that for horizontal page turning might work. But I would rather see a thicker or colored vertical bar.

Yes Mike, I assumed the black bar was just empty space between the sides. The page out of sequence indicator could be anything people want, but I think it should be subtle so it doesn't distract. How about a flashing red marquee around the left side? (kidding of course). I think just a thicker vertical empty space when the left page is ahead of the right (with alternate page turning) would be the simplest and most intuitive, because of the analogous relationship to the separation bar (empty space) in half page turning mode. The bar could be colored, and configurable if people want, but I don't think it's necessary, again maintaining the analogy to half page mode.

Conceivably no space at all between pages in two page mode, as margins and the right and left borders of the score might suffice. Then use the same width bar you have now for the indicator. But since that's probably too much change for users, perhaps just use an even thinner vertical bar when the pages are in sequence.
The indicator would serve as a memory aid when playing either the left or right side page. With alternate page turning you can find and tap the pedal wherever on the page is most convenient. Playing the left page you see that you need a page turn; on the right page you see that you DON'T need a page turn.

So here's an alternative idea that seems simpler to implement than wrangling the vertical bar (empty space) width. When "out of sequence" just put one or more vertically arranged small left arrows inside the bar (white on black?). Kind of subtle?
Has the colored vertical bar (between pages) in alternate page mode been implemented? If so how do I turn it on? I like the alternate page mode, I just keep forgetting that I need to turn the second page. I'm assuming the bar only appears when the right page is before the left page. i.e. 1 2, 3|2, 3 4

Alternatively, an automatic page turn (a specified number of seconds) after the alternate page turn could be useful. i.e. 5 seconds after a page turn results in 3|2 the page automatically turns to 3 4.
It has not been implemented yet - it's still on the list of things to do. It's coming after the annotations redesign and iOS version, as those are the most commonly requested tasks right now.


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