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Orchestra sync
Last weekend I used the "connect tablets" for the first time and it was wonderful. It was only with one tablet, my bass player. So we were both using the very same file. I normally use trumpets, cello and trombone. Now I have experimented with renaming the files so that the various instruments had the very same same title, and that works as long as each tablet is dedicated to only one instrument. But is there any way that if I pull up a song say "It had to be you - piano conductor" that I can get a file on the cello tablet to pull up "It had to be you - cello" or should I just reconcile myself to uniform file names for all titles. I have 350 titles in my book so I would be editing the titles of for over a thousand titles. Fuzzy matching would be great.  OR give me your best idea for a work around. Thanks for an awesome program.
Steve Dallas

Zubersoft edit: removed the email address to protect privacy
Generally speaking, it is not a good idea to put one's email into a a public forum; I suggest you edit/remove it from your post (you will see any responses within this thread)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Yes, you can have MobileSheets match on different fields other than title. On the slave device, tap on the Settings button on the "Connect Tablets" dialog. You will see there is a dropdown to control how songs are matched. If you match on a different field such as Song ID, you then just need to assign a matching song ID on each device. So in your example, if you had a song ID of 5, you would assign that to "It had to be you - piano conductor" on your device, but "It had to be you - cello" on the other device. You could do the same thing with the Custom field if you prefer that.

Another way could be to add different libraries for the different instruments, keeping the same title names. The client would have to switch libraries of course when needed (and maybe connect again, IDK).
Brilliant. Thank you. and thanks for removing email.

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