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MobileSheetsCompanion - Freebox V6 - et tablet Toscido w109
Hi all
I have been using MobileSheets for two years with two different Android and Windows tablets in conjunction with a W10 PC.
No particular problem and I am happy with this software which evolves regularly.
With a new Toscido W109 tablet, I have a particular difficulty.
The WiFi connection between the tablet and the PC is provided by the Freebox V6.
With the Companion, the backup was easily transmitted to the tablet and it is possible to update the songs via the Companion. Perfect.
It is the backup that poses a problem: according to the messages there are errors that interrupt the transfer.
About ten attempts have all failed.
The same operation with the previous tablet ends well.
By replacing the Freebox with a Huawei modem/router, everything goes well.
They're next to each other, I removed the cordless phones.
Are you familiar with this case?
(Machine translation, sorry)

----  texte original en français

Je suis utilisateur de MobileSheets depuis deux ans avec deux tablettes différentes Android et Windows en liaison avec un PC W10.
Pas de problème particulier et je suis content de ce logiciel qui évolue régulièrement.
Avec une nouvelle tablette Toscido W109, je rencontre une difficulté particulière.
La liaison WiFi entre la tablette et le PC est assurée par la Freebox V6.
Avec le Companion, la sauvegarde a été transmise sans difficulté vers la tablette et il est possible de mettre à jour les morceaux via le Compagnon. Parfait.
C'est le backup qui pose problème : d'après les messages il y a des erreurs qui interrompent le transfert.
Une dizaine d'essais ont tous échoué.
La même opération avec la tablette précédente se termine bien.
En remplaçant la Freebox par un modem/routeur Huawei, tout se passe bien.
Ils sont l'un à côté de l'autre, j'ai enlevé les téléphones sans fil.
Connaissez-vous ce cas ?


(Traduction automatique, désolé)

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These kinds of problems can be very difficult to analyze. I have switched through several routers in my house over the years, but none of them have created any connection problems between my tablets and the companion app running on my PC. So it's really hard to say whether the problems you are seeing are caused by something to do with the tablet, the Freebox V6, or the PC running the companion app. Let me ask this - have you tried just creating the library backup file on the tablet itself by opening MobileSheetsPro, tapping the three dots at the top right and then Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library? If the backup is smaller than 4 GB, this should work without any issues, and then you can just transfer the .msb file to your PC using a USB cable or you can upload it to the cloud.

Thank you for your answer.
Yes, I understand that this is difficult to analyze. The solution you propose: save to the tablet and then transfer the file to the PC works well.
I did it until I found the other WifI solution.
The .msb file is about the same size : <1 GB.
The blockage occurs very quickly during the transfer: 2% to 5%.
I'll try another WiFi.
Thank you.

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