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Insert blank staff paper as a "placeholder"

Currently, we have the ability to insert a placeholder which is really helpful to jot down notes for the song its associated with.   

It would be nice to have an option to insert a sheet of "staff paper".   That way we could use the pen to jot down phrases, rhythms, song form, etc....   I know that there is a staff in the stamp pad which would be good for existing charts.   I'm thinking of the situation where we don't have a chart, and someone wants to notate some quick little line or something.

Just a thought.

Why not scan an empty staff sheet you can insert like a placeholder at your leisure into your sheets? It can always be the same one since the annotations are saved in the song data. Personally I feel there's no extra option needed.
Ok ... now I feel like a dork for not thinking of that   Smile      That would certainly resolve the issue.

Glad to be of help. And one item less on Mike's todo-list benefits us all.  Wink
Actually, this method doesn't allow to add a staff in a middle of a multi-page pdf or am I missing something?

Moreover, it would spare a lot of time to many people having a button doing that for us, especially if you have to quickly write an alternate phrase, or add a missing bar during a rehearsal.
I agree it shouldn't be Mike's priority, but why not having it at the bottom of the todolist... ;-)
I suspect the todo list is so long that it would never get implemented! If this is the case, why add it?

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Also it is possible to add a staff in the middle of a multipage pdf.

It makes only sense in the vertical view (which is my favourite anyway). It's a bit of editing though. You have to duplicate the page you want to insert in (simply add the page number twice in the files tab), crop the top part of the first of the duplicated page, crop the bottom part of the second of the duplicated page and insert your staff as page between them (also adding just the page number; it must be imported in the song previously of course. It would be best if the staff sheet is already part of the pdf, maybe as last page which can be spared again with the page numbers if it isn't needed). You can also crop your blank staff sheet as needed if you need just one or two lines of it.

Sounds more complicated than it is. But you asked.
My comment to the question of [b]Cancoillotte[/b] (thanks for the rating BTW) got me thinking.

To mix the pages and even duplicate the pages is one of the most valuable features in MSP for me. The insertion of a blank staff or a page in a multipage song in general that is not already part of the source pdf is not possible as far as I can see.

Mike can't you assign letters like A,B,... to different files in a song (in this specific case it would be a pdf with a blank staff that's not part of the song pdf but a second file to the song)?

So you could mix (especially in vertical view) something like that (the first and main song without a letter identifier)   1-10,11,A1,11-12 ?

Get what I mean? So that you can mix the pages from different files in a song as you like?

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