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TXT file
I have a huge set of PDF's that I have imported into the app.  Everything has been working great.  Love it!  I recently imported all the txt files that the PDFs were originally made from. (I wrote my own program to convert chord pro to chord sheets).  Anyway, now that I imported the txt files, I have every PDF and txt title listed in the Songs tab. Is there a way to segregate these?  I most cases I will just use the PDF's I made in the specific key.  Just once in a while I need to change the key and so I need the txt file to do that.  I want to hide those until I actually need them.

You will need to add some form of metadata so you can easily either sort or filter to separate the two. For example, if you add all the text files to one collection, and the PDFs to another, you can use the collection dropdown at the top left corner of the library screen to select which collection(s) you want to view. Another option would be to take advantage of sorting by sorting on a field such as custom and adding large numbers for the text files and small numbers for the PDFs (something like that, there are many ways to accomplish the same thing).

I removed all predefined "Source Types" entries and created my own source type list containing something like "layout info".
txt, pro, LS (leadsheet) and the like are entries there. Thus I can easily filter for txt files or use the "Source Types" tab to select certain types of scores.
Additionally I added "Source Types" to the caption (Settings > Library Settings > Song Title Formatting). As soon as "Show Caption" is set all the lists display a second subtitle line for every song showing additional info like source type or whatever you prefer to configure.

I use "Collections" to sort my songs by band / line-up.
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