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1st I would like to say that though I am a new user, I love MS in general... and support appears to be outstanding. Thank you for the great product and support.

I am using Android v2.7.5 on my Samsung Tab A 10" tablet. I also have the Windows v2.7.4.

I create my PDF files in Windows using Word 7 [narrow margins] and saving as a PDF file. I have synced my sheets from Windows to my tablet. They print out completely without issue.

1. When I display the sheets on my tablet, they don't quite fit. The left portion is truncated... possibly the right as well if the sheet is wide enough. As a further note if I tap the center of the page the display is a bit better but still not full, oc course the sheet is obscured by the resulting overlays.

2. If there are multiple pages, the 2nd page display is much larger than the 1st page and is more severely truncated.

Has anyone else experienced these issues? Any idea on how to resolve them?

All help is appreciated.

Sounds like you need to adjust the cropping

When a song is displayed
1) Long press the centre of the screen (men bars appear at top and bottom of screen)
2) Tap 2nd item from bottom left (looks like mountains in a square box)
3) Select "Crop"
4) Drag the margins to how you want them and save.
5) repeat for any subsequent pages of song

Note: when you import songs you can have them set to "Auto crop" (this is what has probably happened here); you probably want to disable AutoCrop

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

Many thanks for the reply. I can see the logic in what you are saying. I checked that out and learned a bit more about MS. As it turns out, this was not my problem. 

Looks like my problem was Page Scaling... I had it set to 'Fit Height' initially. When I changed it to 'Fit Screen' or 'Fit Width'  it looked much better.

thanks again.


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