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Usage question
So... here is the scenario: I am remote to my home desktop computer and I really would like to use the companion to make changes to my library. 
In fact, my library got zapped when I upgraded the firmware on my tablet (yes, mea culpa: didn't occur to me to make the backup first). I am taking the opportunity to rebuild it.

Anyway, I want to start import stuff into the companion and then transfer everything to MSP on the tablet when I get home, however the companion is looking pretty "dry"... I don't see anywhere a way to import stuff that is on the computer and I can't drop files into the companion either.

The question: does the companion requires to have the tablet connected to the computer ?? Huh 

The Companion is really just a way to manipulate the files to/from/on the tablet with appropriate adjustments to the MSP database - you can't preload it with files

What you could do is put all the files you want into a single directory on the pc and then use the companion to do a Batch Import from that directory (you can put them into a single collection at the same time; perhaps have a separate directory per collection). If you want to do other fields in the database then you will have to wait until you have imported them.

By default, MSP, on an android anyway, automatically updates (too often for my liking) and occasionally, people find that it has done this just before a gig resulting in it not working when they really need it. To prevent this, I have turned  automatic updating off (the tablet will tell you when updates are available). To perform a manual update, run the "Play Store" app, press the three horizontal lines in the search bar and then select "My apps & games".

I use the Companion to create a backup on the pc  - that way I have something to revert to. I suggest you get into the habit of creating such backups (even if you don't turn off automatic updates like I do). I only do it before an update but one should probably do it whenever one has made significant changes which one wouldn't like to try and replicate (like now)

Another option (which I haven't tried) is to store your files in the "cloud"; this would have allowed you to have recovered the files by "Syncing to a cloud folder".

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
If you want to be able to manage your library in an offline fashion, you'll need to purchase the Windows 10 version of MobileSheets through the Microsoft Store. Then you can synchronize your device libraries either using the cloud or across WiFi. You can also use library backups to synchronize the two devices, but that's usually overkill.

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Got it !  Thank you both for taking the time to 'splain' it to me. -Alex

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