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Preview of song before adding to a setlist
It might be possible already but then I could'nt find it:

Often when creating setlist for our service at church I zap through the collections and stumble across a song that might fit. But I need to preview it, check the text and so on. As of now I have no possibility in the create setlist menue to do that. I must add to the setlist, save and quit, open the setlist, view the song and check if it really fits, close the song and perhaps delete it again from the setlist, open the setlist editor again, browse to the recent location in alphabet were I left off and only then I can continue to search for the next song.

I envision something like: Drag n drop or tap on the song adds to the setlist as it is now. Long tap opens a floating menue/window with a preview where the pages can be swiped and two buttons with "Back" and "Add to setlist".

Is that something that could be done? Would shurely speed up things...
Obviously not possible atm Sad . Perhaps some experienced user could hint me to a viable workaround for my problem I just cant see right now - any help would be welcome as this problem arises regularily...
I can look into adding a preview window like that in the future. I'm just swamped at the moment with the annotations rework.

One way of working would be to load the setlist, tap to show the song overlay, bring up the setlist window, tap the + to browse for a new song to add, see if it fits, if not, tap the X in the setlist window to remove it. You can tap the save button to save the changes to the setlist after you done. I'm not sure if this is faster than what you are doing now - I just figured I would suggest it as an alternative.

Thanks for the suggestion - I will give it a shot.

I'm sure the annotation rework is a major time eater... and I am so curious as to how that will all work out! Happy coding....
I guess Mike put so many features in MSP even he doesn't remember them all.

I'd guess this workaround could work at least as well:

Select a song from the opened setlist (not in performance mode of course), tap/right-click/double tap or whatever you have enabled to envoke the editing function, tap the little circled arrow left in the corner and use "find and load song".

Select to view it. If it's not right simply go back and you are in the setlist again. If you want to add to the setlist ... wait there's no overflow menu for adding to the setlist as it seems. But you can still do this from the metafield edit field from there if needed. I think it's more convenient if you don't want to add it to the setlist. If the song should stay in the setlist Mike's way might be a bit more convenient. (But without leaving the setlist creation menu I don't see other ways either).
Thanks again for this invaluable app!

It has been some time but still I am very often wishing I could preview a song before adding it to playlist... perhaps I am not the only one? The collection of songs has grown a lot and very often I cant really recollect upon browsing I the lyrics of a song really fit the church service. At the moment previewing before adding a song to the playlist (via the edit playlist menu) is still not possible in an easy and fast way... But perhaps something has been implemented and I didnt realize?

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