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Filerts UI suggestion
Just small tweaks but I think it benefit improve the usability of filters. (For later on your list and if you or other users think it's worth it).

I'd like to "clear/delete" filter button to show that there are filters selected (or saved), maybe it could turn red or another color if filters are applied?

Also I think the filter box for manual input (search words) warrants it's on clear/delete button at the end of the box.
FWIW, on my Android device there is a circled X at the upper right that clears all of the filters, which are a different color when active [in use].
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Yes, I'm aware. The green is something I have still overlooked occasionally. I was thinking of a color (maybe orange something that jumps put) for that delete all button. (And a delete button in the filter box is already there BTW. Don't know why I thought otherwise when I wrote the posting .... ah, it only appears when there is text in the filter box. OK then. One request already fulfilled. Smile

Personally I would prefer that the text in the filterbox is "selected" if I click in the box though so one can write directly without deleting the text beforehand.
The filter icon in the floating toolbar at the bottom right changes to blue to show when filters are active. So that already exists (unless you hid the floating toolbar). I suppose I can change the color of the delete button as well (or instead) if everyone thinks that's better.

The textbox for the filters always has focus for me on the library screen. That means there really isn't a way for me to select all the text if the user "selects it" because it's already selected. If I intercept the tap and always select all the text if the user taps the control, it would interfere with the normal behavior of an edit control where you can tap where you want the insertion cursor to be, the ability to select & copy text, etc. I don't think that would be good...

I see. 

Yes, I hide the floating icon by default so I didn't see that. We're talking not too important changes here, but I reckon they are easy so if it's no problem to add and if it's improving the UI (and I think it does), so why not a colour for the delete button, especially if the floating icon is hidden.

Another thing would be (either or additionally) to use a more obtrusive colour in the filters to see they are active,

If it's a problem with the focus than you shouldn't change it. But out of curiousity, why does it have the focus at all? It's not that I can type right away and write into the filter box (I tried). And on a touchscreen or with a mouse you have to click/tap there anyway.

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