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Confused about my storage location
My tablet was complaining about having less than 1gb free, and I had an empty 32gb SD card, so I moved MSP to my SD card, which now shows 2.91gb of stored files, and I have around 2.5gb of free space on internal storage. My MSP backup file is around 512mb.

I just exported a file to dropbox and was surprised to see the file location shown as storage/emulated/0/Android/ … /cache/ ... . Isn't that the internal storage name? Did I really move everything? When I did the move, it only got to 80% and froze there, so I rebooted the device and repeated the move. It seemed to skip up to where it had left off, and in the end reported that it moved 2475 files, which is the number of songs I have. I also have 83 set lists and some collections and some other fields.

So is it that my files are on the SD card, but the MSP app is still on the device, and it caches to the device the file I'm exporting? The set lists and fields - they are with the app on the device? By the time I finished writing this, I have sort of convinced myself that everything is ok. Maybe I should not have got so excited after all. 
Wendy Cutler
When performing an export to Dropbox, MobileSheetsPro has to first generate a file to be uploaded. If your song has no annotations or other changes, MobileSheetsPro will just copy the original file into the cache directory for the upload. Otherwise it will copy the existing file, embed the annotations and perform other modifications as necessary. That is why you see a cache directory listed on the export dialog and why it indicates that the file from the cache directory was uploaded. I should probably hide that information if the cache directory is used and just display a filename to avoid confusing the user, so I'll make a note of that.

If you want to verify everything is okay, go to Settings->Other Settings->Find Missing Files. If you don't see any missing files, then you are good to go. You can also edit some of your songs and long press on the file names listed on the files tab if you want to verify the path that is currently being used for them.

Thank you for confirming the process I thought I figured out. I did check for missing files and found one! There isn't anything I can do from that list of missing files, right? I had to go check it out, see that I got an error message when I tried to open it, figured out why it didn't exist and deleted it. 

You wrote: You can also edit some of your songs and long press on the file names listed on the files tab if you want to verify the path that is currently being used for them.

It took me a while to figure out what you meant by that, and in the end, it was exactly what you said. It had to be a single file; clicking Edit Song brings up the fields page I use a lot, but then along the top there is the Files tab, which shows the file name and file contents. Long clicking the file name does bring up the path /storage/8244-1B1C/ … , which is the SD card. And I can copy the path to the clipboard. That could be handy. Thank you.
Wendy Cutler

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