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searching by name shouldn't apply to all tabs
If I'm in the Songs tab and do a search for a song containing a particular word, it filters the list nicely for that song.

However, if I then switch to the Setlists tab, or any of the Collections / Artists / Albums / Genres tabs, they are now empty because it's still applying the song filter to those tabs.  I'd suggest that this is unintuitive and in most cases not what the user wants, because in general names of songs do not double as the names of setlists / collections / artists / albums / genres.  (There are occasional exceptions, e.g. for the title track of an album, but it doesn't make sense to optimise for the corner cases in preference to the majority of cases.)  So it would be less confusing and more helpful if the text search for songs only applied to the Songs tab.
Another user requested a similar thing - to clear the search text when switching tabs. I'm not opposed to that if that is what people want. I just need to hear more feedback on it. I don't think it makes sense to only apply the search text on the songs tab though because the dropdown next to the search text indicates what fields you are searching on. You can search for songs in setlists using that search box - not just the name of a setlist.

Thanks - that's a good point, I hadn't noticed the dropdown.  The problem is that even if it's set to Search "All Fields" in the Songs tab, applying the same search text to other tabs does not find items containing songs matching that text.  For example, searching for "blues" in the Songs tab and then switching to the Collections tab will not list collections which contain songs matching "blues", and similarly for every tab other than Recent.  Of course the Recent tab works because the items there can be songs too.

So I would suggest:

  1. changing "Search All Fields" to also search for songs within Setlists / Collections / Artists / Albums / Genres, or
  2. make the search text field in each tab independent of all the other tabs, so that I could simultaneously have "blues" as a search term in the Songs tab and "compilation" as a search term in the Albums tab. (N.B. this is different to just clearing search text when switching tabs, because switching from Songs -> something else -> back to Songs would lose the original search text which would be annoyingly inconvenient.)
With either of these options, it would also be helpful to add a search term history dropdown from the search text field.

And if going for the second option above (independent search text fields), it would make sense for this history to be shared across all tabs. This would have the added advantage of allowing the user to optionally copy their existing search field from one tab to another.  So for example if you searched for "blues" in the Songs tab and then switched to the Albums tab, the search text field would be blank, but tapping on it would reveal a history including the search phrase "blues", and tapping on that phrase would populate the Albums tab's search field with "blues".

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