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UX: suggest repositioning - / + icons
(This is not a bug report or feature request, but a suggestion for very slightly improving the UI/UX.)

In the "Enter The Text Size Value" or "Enter The Stamp Size Value" dialogs, or any similar dialog for changing sizes numerically, there is a slider with a - minus icon to its left and a + plus icon to its right.  This means that it's awkward to rapidly switch between tapping the plus and minus icons, because they are far apart.  Bearing Fitt's Law in mind, it would be more convenient if these two icons were right next to each other.  I suggest stacking them together vertically on the right hand side of the slider, but here's a good article on design guidelines for input steppers which should provide food for thought.
I'll have to consider what is the best change to make. I could remove the slider completely and just have the -/+ when there is a small range of values, and when there is a large range of values, only show the slider. The whole point of those buttons is so you can use the slider to get in the ballpark of what you want and then tap the -/+ as needed to dial in to the correct value. One other thing I could do is have the -/+ be on the sides of the text field, which would be below the slider. So it would look like:

                 - [4] +

I'm open to feedback on that. I also have some ideas that I want to look into when time allows. I think it would be nicer to tap on a value and have a small popup right above the value with the slider, value and -/+. It would allow for quicker entry, faster access, and would be less jarring than a separate dialog. It wouldn't support cancel, but I don't think that's a big deal.

Yes, -/+ either side of the text field would certainly be an improvement.  I also agree the small popup would be another significant improvement, since again it applies Fitts' Law by avoiding forcing the user to move their hand to potentially a different area of the display (IIUC, the current dialog is always in the centre even if the number being changed is far away in a corner).  IMHO as long as the design takes Fitts' Law into account it's probably good ;-)

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