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Rating for Groups

I am new here in the forum but did not find any information about rating for groups.

I am member of 4 "groups" (bands).

I am looking for a possibility to rate the quality of the presentation for each song and each band (=group).
Rating for each song is available, but cannot be used for this purpose, as far as I see.

I definitely have not added ratings for groups. That would require new entries in the database, new UI entries, etc. I'm not sure exactly where I would fit that on the existing group editor screen. I can add this to the list of feature requests if it will be useful to you. It will have to wait for other high priority features to be finished though. If more people throw their weight behind it, I can raise the priority.

Assuming you have a small number of ratings e.g. 1 to 3, could you not just use multiple collection names (a song can be in more than one collection)
"Band A"  All songs for Band A
"Band A-1"  Songs for Band A that are performance ready
"Band A-2"  Songs for Band A that need a bit more practice
"Band A-3"  Songs for Band A that need a lot more practice
"Band B"   All songs for Band B

You could then choose "Band A" to see all songs for that band or "Band A-1" to see all it's performance ready songs e..g. use "Band A-1" when editing a set list

Obviously, you would have to make sure that you don't have a song in "Band A-1" and in "Band A-2" (but that shouldn't be difficult)

Actually, It looks like you could use "SONG TITLE FORMATTING" to display the Rating in the lists (which would mean that you wouldn't have to maintain separate groups like the above) - see page 17/18 in the MSP manual

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