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PDF won't scroll to end
For some of my songs I want to have the sheet music in front of me, so I am making PDFs, which is mostly working fine. Except, sometimes the tablet reports I am at the end of the file when I am not. I have not been able to figure out why this is happening or how to fix it. Has anyone encountered this and, if so, been able to fix it? Please help....

I am using MobileSheetsPro on my Windows 10 computer to load the songs and I have no trouble connecting my Android (version 6) tablet and transferring the files. The *.pro files appear to work fine, but some of the PDFs will not scroll to the end of the song. They think the end of the song is earlier than it is.

I hope someone can help....thanks for reading.

I doubt I can help but just asking for a bit more info that may help others:

Are you missing a whole page (or pages) at the end of the last song or just the bottom of the last page ?
Are you in portrait or landscape orientation ? (half or full page scrolling)
Are you scrolling the whole set list to the end?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
(03-26-2020, 01:41 AM)Geoff Bacon Wrote: I doubt I can help but just asking for a bit more info that may help others:

Are you missing a whole page (or pages) at the end of the last song or just the bottom of the last page ?
Are you in portrait or landscape orientation ? (half or full page scrolling)
Are you scrolling the whole set list to the end?


I am missing at least one whole page or pages. I have the lines of the song formatted to fit within the window with no scrolling, so I can just click from page to page instead of scrolling. I am in landscape orientation. I tried portrait, but my PDFs keep running off the sides of the pages. That's a whole different problem, which I finally solved by going to landscape. I don't suppose it's related, but just in case...in portrait orientation, the first page is perfect, but all subsequent pages run off the sides of the page. Sometimes the left side is good, but the right side is always missing a bit.
Sounds as though you could work in portrait mode provided the pages displayed properly so, working on that basis, have you tried cropping the individual pages ?

To crop, press centre of screen and press the second icon at bottom left (mountain range (or 2 tents?) in a rectangle)
Then choose crop from the sub menu.
Drag the sides of the selection rectangle to the appropriate point and save the page (top  right).
Repeat for the other pages.

If you would prefer landscape, do the same in that orientation.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
@Geoff Bacon...thanks! I had seen "crop" on there but hadn't figured out what to do with it. That worked and now I can put everything in portrait orientation, which works for me. I still had a song that wouldn't show the last two pages, but maybe there's a ten-page limit?? Anyway, changing to portrait view shortened the number of pages and now it works. Thanks so much!!
I'm sure that there is no such thing as a "10 page limit".

Can you manually move to the end of the file when you press page advance i.e. the right side of the tablet?

You can check how many pages MSP thinks are in the file by:
  1. Choosing your set list (on the Set List display)
  2. "Long press" the last song until a tick appears
  3. Select "Edit Song" (at the top)
  4. Press the "Files" tab (near top) and
  5. Check that the page order show 1-12 and Pages=12
If it says 12 pages but the page order shows 10, edit the Page order to "1-#ofpages" eg. 1-12
Note: for future reference, you could use the page order to repeat pages (e.g. "1-3,2,3") or to access a 2 page song in a pdf of songs (e.g. "3,4")

If MSP thinks there aren't enough pages in the file and/or you can't page advance to the end then perhaps the imported files is incomplete?
Check the source file on the pc looks ok
Try importing it again under a different name (that way you will still have the original should Mike need to investigate)

I suppose one other possibility is that there is a problem scrolling the last song in a set list - edit the set list and move it up one place to see if that also has the same problem (if it does then it is more likely to be the file than a MSP display issue).

Finally,  when importing the songs, you can enable "Auto Crop"; this might minimise the number of pages that you need to manually crop.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
@Geoff Bacon...thanks for all the tips

1. I do have auto crop on. It's been on the whole time. And sometimes the cropping is good and sometimes it isn't. I've noticed it makes a difference how much white space there is at the bottom of the page. The more there, the less likely auto cropping will work properly. I have also figured out what I need to do when cropping is off, so that goes pretty quickly.

2. I haven't figured out why not all the pages import some of the time. It's always on PDFs, though, and if I redo/reload them enough times, I eventually get the whole thing. I did check to see if the original PDF was all there, and it was, so I have no explanation as to why it didn't all import. Maybe the connection sometimes glitches or something. I did fiddle with it enough to figure out that the missing pages are truly missing. The number of pages...hmmm....I never did actually check the number of pages. If/When it happens again, I'll have to try that. To answer the manually advance question...no, I can't advance manually beyond the last visible page. A little message pops up telling me I'm on the last page of the song. Even though I am not.

Anyway, I think I've managed to resolve all my current problems so far, with your help. And I now have 50 songs loaded into the app on my tablet. Only four or five hundred to go. Or so.  Big Grin  I've been going to do this for some time and I'm finally getting to it.

Thanks a bunch!!
If you would like me to help investigate this, I'll need the following information:

1) What display mode are you currently using (single page, two pages, vertical scrolling, half page)?
2) What page scaling mode are you using? 
3) When MobileSheetsPro tells you it can't go to the next page, if you tap to bring up the song overlay, how many pages are listed at the top right and in the page slider?
4) When that occurs, can you scroll with your finger to get to the bottom?
5) Are you using one PDF per song or one PDF per page?
6) When you say auto-cropping does not work properly, what does that mean? Does it mean it doesn't pick the crop position you would prefer, or does that mean it's picking something that should be invalid? The cropping will stop the second it hits a black pixel unless you turn aggressive cropping on.

1. Display mode is vertical scrolling
2. Page scaling mode is Fit Height...ahhhhh....this could help what I've been thinking is a cropping problem. Maybe fit width is better for my purposes.
3. I'll have to wait for this, if it happens again. Right now they're all working.
4. Ditto
5. I am using one PDF per song.
6. I meant the song was wider than the screen, so the ends, and sometimes the beginnings, of the lines were cut off. I suspect, if I choose "fit width", it will be fine.

Thanks for checking, Mike.


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