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Audio Name and Audio order
In the database there is a field "name" for the audios files.
I changed the value and it works as I like but I didn't found any way to set this in MS. Do I miss something?
I like to have my files named "original" and "playback" most of the time.

As a side question it would be great to be able to reorder audio files for a full setlist.
Most of the time I play on backingtracks so I set these files as the first one.
but sometimes I like to play over the original audio files. So if I have 100 songs in my list I have to skip the backingtrack each time, a bit boring.
There isn't a field called "name" in the "AudioFiles" database table. Do you mean "Title"? That is extracted from the audio file metadata. You can't currently edit that in MobileSheetsPro itself, as I don't allow the audio metadata to be modified. I can write up a feature request for this if you'd like a way to modify the audio file title in MobileSheetsPro and/or the metadata of the file itself.

While you can reorder tracks in individual songs, when all of the audio tracks from all songs in a setlist are joined together into one list in the audio player, I don't allow that to be reordered as it would cause havoc with the logic that ties the audio files to each song. I would need to make a number of changes to allow that list to be reordered while still properly tracking which tracks are tied to which songs. For example, right now, if you switch songs in a setlist, one of the settings you can enable would automatically switch tracks so that it starts playing the first track in the current song. If all of the tracks have been reordered, I'm not even sure how that would work, as the tracks in the song might be in a different order and the track list would jump around in weird ways. So I'd have to do something like only allowing reordering if that settings is disabled. There are more things I would need to think through to ensure I don't break the audio player.


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