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Different behaviour when editing Songs in Companion
When I use MSPro Companion on Windows 7 x64 and being connected to my tablet first what I see is "Songs" tab where I can double click any particular piece of music (song) and "Editing" window will pop out with "Fields" tab ready to edit.

Having hundreds/thousands "Songs" it is easier for me to navigate and edit them via Setlists, Collections or Genres. Once I click on one of these tabs and select group on the left I am ready to edit my "Group Songs" on the right. But once I select "Song", mouse double click does not work to open editing window.
What is needed is a right click on a Song -> then left click on Edit -> then "Editing" window will pop out BUT on "Files" tab. Why is double click not opening "Fields" tab same as on "Songs" tab mention earlier?
Even easier would be hitting Enter keyboard key to pop out "Editing" window (I always avoid mouse clicking if I can).

I have another question but for Master/Slave usage: Is it possible to sync only one field/line from Editing window of a Song between devices?
Let's say I would edit Title of the song and sync this only change to Slave tablets without changing anything else?

Is "Title" main identifier of a Song? We are using same "Titles" (and also same file names and file paths) for Master/Slave page turning.
But we have different sheet music with different cropping.

Thank you.
I'll investigate the issue with the fields tab not being selected first when editing from one of the group tabs. The purpose of those tabs is mainly for editing the groups though, not really to be used as a filter mechanism to edit songs (although you can obviously use them that way if you choose). For that reason, I don't think it makes sense for hitting enter with a song selected to edit it. I would think, if anything, that should add or remove the selected song, depending on which list is selected.

No, you can't currently synchronize just one property of a song. In the Sync Library->Sync to another device screen, I do allow some control over which fields are synchronized, but I don't currently offer such fine-grained control over which metadata fields are going to be included in the sync (mainly because that would require a huge amount of additional code and would create a messy/difficult/complex UI to have to set all that up). I may allow changes to be pushed when using the "Connect Tablets" feature in the future, but for right now, that feature is very simple in nature and is meant to be used to control page turns and the loading of songs/setlist. Including song synchronization capability into that would require a lot more complexity.

Yes, title is the main identifier for a song. Matching on title when using the "Connect Tablets" feature but using different files or having different settings for the song is perfectly valid.


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