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Float transposing for player

I'm using MSP more and more for my practicing and since I have to use it anyways to show my sheet music, I'm using more and more of the additional features as well, to get rid of x other apps running parallel to do this and that. What I mean by that is especially the music player and the metronome.

This request is for the player: We already are able to change playback speed and pitch and I'm using this often to play with recordings. Some of these are old and much out of tune, though. So what I'd like to request is allowing us transposing with floating point values (speed already can do this, great and necessary) instead of half steps only. This is useful to correct the tuning of recordings/adjust it to our instruments. Hopefully this is not a big deal technically, since the engine already should be there?

Let me know what you think about this idea!  Smile
The audio library I'm using supports shifting by -1200 to 1200 cents. This uses much more CPU usage, so I'll have it off by default but allow users to turn it on if they need that finer level of control. I have a feature request already written up for this - just waiting until I have the bandwidth to work on it.

Oh, that's interesting, your Library is optimized to half steps and everything else needs much more CPU? I wonder why, but probably there is no simple answer and it's better not to try to explain it. I nevertheless look forward to an implementation, even if it will take some time. Just make sure to include it in the change log!  Wink

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