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Size of anotation landscape - vertical
Hi, this is my first post in this community.

I have been using MobileSheets on Android and later MobileSheets Pro on a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet running with the Amazon store version 2.9.5.

Depending on the score, I use the tablet on vertical (full page) or lanscape format (just some lines with the width of the tablet and a bigger zoom).

To my surprise the size of the text changes in an unexpected way

When I switch from vertical to landscape format, the size of the anotations change. This is normal, because the same zoom is applied to the score and the anotations.

The problem is when I am making anotations on vertical format (say with font size 15) and then continue to make anotations on the landscape format.  The size of the new anotations (15) is just too small and I have to modify the size to 25 to make them look similar to the previous anotations (made with 15 font on vertical mode).

If I copy and paste one anotation that I made previously and that I see visually with a font 25 on landscape mode, the new anotation is just too small. However, if I choose one anotation that I have made on landscape mode with font 25 and copy it (without changing modes) the aspect is the same.

This means that I have in the same score anotations that have the same apparent size, but some of them are size 15 (when I made them originally in vertical mode), while others are in size 25 (when I created them in horizontal format).

I wonder if this is a bug of the program or I am making something wrong, but I keep modifying the size of the anotations to have them look the same and this is quite disturbing.  Confused
In the current implementation, annotations are created relative to the scaled size of the page at the time of creation. If the page is scaled a different amount (say by rotating to landscape orientation), the annotation is scaled by the difference between the size of the scaled page when the annotation was created compared to the current scaled page size (so if the page is scaled up 20% more in landscape, for example, it scales the annotation by 20%). This means that sizes aren't consistent between different page scaling sizes. None of this is going to be a problem with the new annotations design which is almost finished, as annotation sizes are saved relative to the raw/unscaled page size. I'm going through and testing the last few features related to transferring annotations between devices of different sizes to ensure everything works the way it's supposed to, and then I'm going to release a beta version to users.

Perfect, thank you for your comprehensive reply. I look forward to seeing the new version. Hopefully I can download it from the Amazon website.

There are some minor comments on the edit mode:

  1. It is possible to select multiple anotations and modify some things (for instance the size of all) . However I was unable to copy and paste a group of anotations. This could be useful for fingerings that are repeated same in various parts of the score.
  2. Scrolling is disabled in the edit mode. I can only access the part of the score where I was. If I want to edit something at the end of a page and beginning of the following one, I have to open the edit mode for one page, make my anotations, close the edit mode, scroll, open the edit mode on the other page... Is is something I am making wrong?
Thank you in advance for your comments
1. You can copy and paste groups of annotations with the new design
2. The new design doesn't have a separate editor, so it lets you continue using whichever display mode you have currently active. That means you can scroll vertically when using the vertical scrolling display mode.


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