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Changing two pages with one tap?

Our Choir recently picked up rehearsals again after summer break, and I'm noticing thatfor some reason when I'm tapping once to go to the next page, the score moves ahead with two pages. I did not remember having this issue before...

Anyone else seeing this?

Are you using the two page display mode? If so, if you look at the bottom of the song overlay, is a "2" shown near the middle of the screen (to the far right of the icons on the left)? That would indicate that the two page turn mode is being used to turn two pages at a time. You would have to switch that to a different mode such as "One Page" if you prefer that. If you are using a different display mode, if you go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Touch Actions, do you have "Turn Two Pages Forward" assigned to any parts of the screen?

No, I don't have any set to skipping two pages. 
Which display mode are you currently using? Are you tapping on the right/left sides of the screen, or the corners? Does this happen anytime you tap? Is it happening with every song you are testing with? Are you moving your finger at all while tapping? I just want to rule out some of the easier things. If we can't figure it out, backing up your library and reinstalling the app would be the next best thing to do to rule out something with the settings.

I'm using it in portrait mode , tapping left or right. I haven't had it all the time - which makes it really annoying to figure out where it's going off.

I'm usually tapping with my s-Pen. It might be that I'm making a minuscule movement too - I saw the 'swipe to flip' option, I'll disable those and see what it gives.
Please let me know if you can determine any kind of pattern for when it is happening. I haven't seen it myself so I'm not sure what to do to reproduce the issue yet.


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