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Cloud sync improvement
Can we please have a checkbox to turn off the "Comparing..." messages which appear in the on-screen log of activity?

I have over 1000 songs, and when I sync I really only want to see what's changing. If that is four or five things then it gets lost in the 1000+ messages which signify no change.

This improvement request may also relate to the other sync capabilities but I don't use them.
That message was mainly there just so that users have an idea about what is going on and that there is processing occurring. If that message doesn't provide value, I can remove it altogether. I don't think it would make sense to provide a setting just to control that one message. Perhaps I can add a verbosity setting that controls how much is displayed, and I can have varying levels of output. This would allow me to output debug level information if that level of verbosity is selected.

That would be fine too so long as there was a level that just showed what is changing...
Possibly an overwriting box showing each filename as it is processed with a lower scrolling log of those that were updated?

The box shoes progress and/or "something is happening" while the log highlights those files that were affected.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

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