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Crop issue
I'm having a strange issue here, I'm not sure whether I am doing something wrong myself. I have a score in JPG format that's part of a setlist, and for some reason the last system (at the bottom) isn't showing up on the screen.
I reset the cropping, and on the crop screen the score looks fine, as seen here:


However, when I view the score the bottom half of the last system (the F clef) isn't visible:


The dimensions of the score do not fit the screen, the screen is actually wider, but I would expect Mobilesheets to fit the image to the screen dimensions.

Is there maybe something I am doing wrong?
This is happening on Mobilesheets for E-ink on a Onyx Boox Max Lumi

Found it - "Page Scaling Mode" was set to 'fit width'. Changing this to 'fit screen' solved it.

Not sure why it was setup like this, I don't remember ever having changed this in any of my other tablets. Perhaps the e-ink version has a different default setting for this?

In any case, issue solved!

Sorry for the delay in responding - I'm glad you figured that out. I would have started by asking you about that setting, as issues with the page scaling are usually either related to that or the "Display half page in landscape" setting with the single page display, as that sometimes confuses users.


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